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William Encarosha's Journal

Posted: Wed 2019.09.04, 20:55
Quest to obtain Journal:
Faded Truth (given by the Black Spirit)
Find the hidden truth of William Encarosha
  1. 07.07 (Consequences of forbidden love)
    Visit the secret meeting place of Lehard and Olivia
  2. 13.07 (Unknown Conspiracy)
    Visit Enrique Encarosha's office
  3. 18.09 (Beginning of ambitions)
    Visit Calpheon Castle
  4. 26.09 (Olivia's last moment)
    Visit the cliff where Olivia Bartali died
  5. 01.11 (Wild Beast in Human Skin)
    Visit Lehard
  6. 19.02 (Disappeared Gordon)
    Find Gordon Encarosha
  7. 20.02 (Leave Calpheon)
    Follow William Encarosha's Traces
  8. 01.03 (Threat of Life)
    Find Arson's Evidence
  9. 02.03 (To the new place)
    Visit the child entrusted to watch
  10. 12.05 (Short but sweet break)
    Visit Bravine
  11. 28.05 (Unintentional murder)
    Find Statue Covered in Blood
  12. 01.06 (The Fall of Pure Soul)
    Visit the Oasis where William Encarosha went
  13. 04.06 (Into the shadow of the world)
    Visit Muikun
  14. I have waited forever
    Ask Deve to give you goods
    Show Evidences to Deve
  15. Truth revealed at last
    Tell the truth to Enrique Encarosha
    Show Evidences to Enrique Encarosha
    Give Evidences to Enrique Encarosha
  16. Lehard Mertenan
    Visit Lehard Mertenan
    Talk with Lehard Mertenan
    Get Lehard Mertenan's Confession
  17. Visit at night even with the lit candle
    Talk with Enrique Encarosha
    Talk with Enrique Encarosha

Journal must be completed in order starting from Chapter 1.