[WTS] V Dandelion Musindo

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[WTS] V Dandelion Musindo

Postby KAMIKADzE » Wed 2018.12.12, 01:24

Failed at failstacking and made another Dynamic Dandelion Musindo =D

I can sell it on the market at agreed time for Pearls/JP WebMoney/Cash Shop Gifts. You will need to send me Pearls/JP WebMoney/Cash Shop Gifts upfront, and I'm not going to refund it in case item won't go on your pre-order or you won't be able to buy it off the market.
If you're interested simply post a reply or send me PM with your offer.

I don't plan to sell it on the market just for the silver any time soon, not until the upcoming marketplace changes for sure, so there's no need to hurry and you can feel free to select some key times like "X min after the maintenance" for better chances to get it.

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