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Guild Rules

Postby KAMIKADzE » Thu 2017.03.16, 23:38

  • General Rules:
    1. Being racist, sexist, intolerant of sexuality or religious beliefs is unacceptable.
    2. Using hacks, bots or other 3rd party illegal programs that influence on BDO is strongly unacceptable.
    3. If any guild mate will report (with proof) that you use/used any illegal program which influence on BDO - you'll be kicked from the guild asap.
    4. If you'll be caught by GM's on using 3rd party illegal programs (with proof) - you'll be kicked from the guild asap.
    5. If you'll be caught by GM's on using 3rd party illegal programs (without proof) - you'll not be kicked until it all becomes clearer.
    6. Don't spam at guild chat.
    7. If you start making troubles or annoy other guildmates without any serious reason for that - you'll be kicked.
    8. NEVER try the patience of your Guild Master, or you can leave guild faster than by any reason above.
    9. If you will ever leave our guild without previous agreement with GuildMaster or someone who can deliver the reason and time of absence to GuildMaster (i.e. "The Ancients", "The Ancients of BDO") and after sometime you'll want to come back - don't be surprised if you are not welcomed back.
    10. Never give your account details to any other member of DoTA. If you'll give it - it's your own problem if your acc or items will be stolen, I can't remove greediness from the blood of other DoTA members. To kick or not to kick item/acc stealer will be considered by guild master. And don't expect to get your items/acc back - your guild master isn't a GM.
    11. Long offline time (week or more, even if vacation) without previous warn of guild master or The Ancients can lead you to kick from guild in order to free the space in guild for new members (if all people mentioned above are offline you can always send PM here on forum, preferably with approximate offline time).

Rules can be changed only by Guild Master aka KAMIKADzE.

NOTE: Ignorance of the rules does not exempt from liability.

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