Network interfaces

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Network interfaces

Postby KAMIKADzE » Fri 2018.06.08, 21:03

  • Status colors:
    • Lime - Network interface is Up; Can transmit data.
    • Red - Network interface is Down; Unable to transmit data.
    • DodgerBlue - Network interface is running tests
    • DarkViolet - Unknown
    • Yellow - Waiting for an external event; Unable to transmit data.
    • Black - Typically this means damaged/missing hardware component; Unable to transmit data.
    • DarkOrange - One of the lower layer interfaces is down; Unable to transmit data.
  • Name - Name of the interface
  • Gateway - Gateway of the interface
  • DHCP - DHCP server of the interface
  • DNS - DNS addresses of the interface

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