Early Alpha Preview

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Early Alpha Preview

Postby KAMIKADzE » Wed 2018.11.07, 21:16

Game Title: 12Shots
Genre: No idea =D
Developer: InvoKAMI
Official Site: https://12Shots.InvoKAMI.com
System requirements: TBA

Game is currently developed for Android OS, but it is possible to support and build it for PC, iOS, consoles, etc. (it all depends on the players interest in this game).

I finally decided to resurrect my old abandoned 2015 project - 12Shots.
GamePlay was recorded on my Samsung Galaxy S5. Without recording my phone maintains around 60-65 FPS at 1080p (S5 screen is capped at 60FPS), but keep in mind that this is just an early alpha (unoptimized and not that complicated as planned for the release, so IDK yet what hardware will be required to keep a descent FPS).

Enhanced some of the ship's parameters, to the unintended point for this ship, just for fun. Somehow I managed to survive longer than I expected =D

Now let's get to the game concept:
Your primary goal in this game is to survive for as long as possible.
For now there's only a Solo mode available, with 4 planned difficulties, each of which increases in difficulty over time passed in the game =D the longer you play - the harder is it to stay =D
In the videos above^ you can see a "BH" spaceship, which will be given to you for passing Tutorial, that is currently unimplemented *lol*
After getting your first spaceship - you will be expected to start playing Solo mode and grind for Energy (valuable resource obtained in that asteroids place, used as a game currency). Every positive survived second will earn you some amount of Energy (Energy obtained will be increased over time spent and more difficult modes will yield Energy at a higher rates). Some space objects will give you a flat amount of Energy, when destroyed with your weapon, but don't forget that you have a limited amount of shots. For those impatient - there will be an option to buy Energy for this forum Gold (there is no pricing as of now, I'll be thinking about it when the game will be actually playable), but don't worry - free users will be able to obtain everything there is in the game without Gold, except the ability to turn off ads (I plan to put ads in the main menu, so it won't obscure any gameplay). I might also add an option to earn some Energy for viewing video ads.
Now when you got your Energy in whichever way - you can spend it on:
  • Upgrading your spaceship:
    • Max speed
    • Idle speed
    • Min speed
    • Side speed
    • Shots:
      • Amount
      • Size
      • Etc.
    • Headlight:
      • Range
      • Angle
      • Intensity
  • Buying another spaceship
  • Spaceship cosmetics:
    • Spaceship colors
    • Headlight colors
    • Etc.
Each spaceship will have its own pros and cons:
  • Different Min/Max speeds
  • Different sizes
  • Different weapons
  • Different headlights
  • Etc.

Other than Energy - playing Solo mode also means competing for TOP Hi-Scores, which will be broken down by the difficulty and will be affected only by the amount of survived seconds (e.g. 1000 seconds = 1000 Score).

As for the Online/Offline functionality - I'm still in consideration of how exactly it'll work. Offline Solo plays will not be recorded to the Hi-Score table. Energy obtained during Offline Solo plays will be discarded.
It also depends on the actual interest in this game, I might just go full offline instead and abandon Hi-Scores/PvP/Progress storage completely. Basically for a descent online functionality and server-side anti-cheating mechanism I'll need to rent a descent server which has a descent cost assigned to it. That said, even if I'll go for an offline option - I will still probably add Hi-Scores tables to the forum server, without anti-cheating mechanism though.

Feel free to ask questions, leave any positive/negative feedback and suggestions in this thread.

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