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Postby KAMIKADzE » Mon 2020.05.25, 00:25

  • Some minor forum style changes.
    Slowly getting to more uniformal style. Still few things here and there left.
    These might not change for you immediately, depending on your browser's caching.
  • Few changes to Onion smilies:
    • Changing their codes from all uppercase to upper+lower.
      Most of the smilies on this forum were ported from my smilies pack made for one IM program, which had some limitations. All uppercase letters also made and still make sense to be used to prevent unwanted change of text (e.g.: if someone want to type *Something* for /whatever reason, there are way less reasons to type *SOMETHING*), but at the same time it might be hard for some people to type long-code smilies in one case, so I decided to slowly move all of them to upper+lower, starting from Onions.

      Code: Select all

      *ONIONHERO* => *OnionHero*

      It's also more human-readable that way *OnionHero*
    • Changing some of the codes.
      At the same time I've decided to revise their codes, so some of them will be changed.
    • Addition of new Onion smilies.
      And while I'm at that, I also plan to add few more Onion smilies.
    All of that^ doesn't require maintenance, so I'll be updating them slowly over some time. All changed Onion smilies, along with the new ones, will be added to the last page of smilies. All your existing Onion smilies in posts, signatures, etc. will be automatically converted (actually not, it's semi-auto, but for you it will look like that), there is no need to change anything manually for you.
  • Finally moved to renewed google ads. I've postponed this move for quite some time as I knew that responsive ads are quite buggy, and even after whole that time they couldn't fix issue with their ads ignoring ad size limit. I've specified the limit but google simply ignores it, so for now some of them will show up with scroll *FACEPALM*
    This is not the final version, I'll be looking at what ads are served for PC and Mobile users, and I'll be looking if they are even worth it (in comparison to standardized ones).
    If you'll have some oversized, out of proportions ads served to you - let me know, especially mobile users.

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