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DoTA clan offline meetup + KAMI /offline mode

Posted: Wed 2017.05.24, 06:38
The title says it all.
This is more of a news to those not in our clan. Tomorrow I'll be "travelling" and then there will be DoTA clan meetup and then I'll "travel" again, and only after that I'll be back. Basically I'll be out of reach (for the most part) for like a week or so. I will periodically reply on emails (contact us page) and also MILANDI might lend me her laptop during meetup, so maybe I'll moderate and reply to questions and stuff from her acc, but that's not confirmed yet. PMing me during that time will be pointless, unless you're fine with me replying long after, it's quite complicated to login with my acc from phone, so I just won't bother (not even to mention the security risks, it's admin acc after all, I could also create a 2nd acc just for that purpose, but hey, a 1 week "partially-vacation" first time in like the last 5 years or something like that...).

I'll let you know in this thread when I'll be back to my usual uptime.

Re: DoTA clan offline meetup + KAMI /offline mode

Posted: Mon 2017.06.05, 18:57
I'm kind of back.

It was a fun offline DoTA clan time. Currently no plans for the next meetup, but someday it will happen again *OnionHero*

As for the other forum members - I'll respond to everyone today, moderate everything needed, etc., but I'm a little bit tired from a long road back, so my usual respond time will start tomorrow I guess *THINK*
I still need to do few things before I'll continue work with Launcher, other than minor changes, as well as conversion of my EN patch for JP client.

So that is probably it. I'll leave the announcement (about limited support and moderation) there for today, but I'll remove it tomorrow.