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Regarding 2017.10.17-18 downtimes

Posted: Wed 2017.10.18, 17:36
Some of you may have noticed that forum is going up and down for the last 7 hours, the same as yesterday's night. I'm aware of this issue and that downtimes are not long, but really annoying.
What I can tell so far:
- Yesterday server undergo a short maintenance, which possibly could be the cause? Host claims that there are no problems with server.
- DNS is reachable all the time.
- There's no DDoS or anything like that going on.
- The problem is somewhere on connection of server and DNS.

Just as the previous time, most likely the problem is on the server side, since I can't reach it when I can't reach the forum, and host is simply denying the problem.
Just as the previous time, server staff is slowly working on identifying the cause...probably...well at least it seems so from the responses. Unfortunately all we can do - is just wait.

P.S. The issue seems to be resolved, now that the forum is running fine for a couple of days. I haven't received proper answer on what was the cause of this issue, but after working with support team for quite some time I got respond to try monitoring server for a couple of hours and...that was it, since then it's working. It was either a huge coincidence or support team just didn't want to admit that there was some issue with server reach.