Happy New 2018 Year!

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Happy New 2018 Year!

Postby KAMIKADzE » Sun 2017.12.31, 12:52

Extremely simplistic video this time, especially compared to the previous year =D. It was a very busy year...and this video reassembles that quite well =D. I hope that in the New 2018 Year I'll have more time for my YT channel, our forum and of course Launcher project.

A big shout out to LithStud and buzarini, for your self-devotion to BDO community, keep being awesome in the new year as well :)
Thanks for all volunteers, who have helped me with various Launcher tests!

Although DoTA clan came close to its end this year (I'm the only one left now), it was really fun and awesome experience at our offline meetup, maybe one day some of you will be less busy in their life, including myself, and we'll make DoTA great again! =D pun intended

My best wishes and Happy New Year, to all of our forum members! Even to those pesky ones that got temporary *BANANA* few times =D
Happy New 2018 Year! *FIREWORK*

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Re: Happy New 2018 Year!

Postby LithStud » Mon 2018.01.01, 01:26

And a very happy and less busy new year for you as well ;)
Huge thanks for supplying tools for us to use ;) Lets hope for the translation to get easier and better quality! *ONIONTALISMAN*

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