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Outgoing Email problem

Posted: Wed 2018.08.29, 20:57
While I was away, something happened to outgoing emails, but nobody bothered to notify me about that =D .
I'm currently investigating the possible cause of the mentioned problem, meanwhile I've manually approved pending forum registrations that were possibly affected by this issue + 1 older one just to be sure.
If I will not be able to solve this on my own (it might simply not be possible), then it might take a while for this issue to be resolved, as I can already sense the mail host pointing at forum host and vice versa, till the point of everyone getting tired, I hope that I will be able to avoid that.

After testing all of the mail routing I figured out that it had something to deal with our forum host, as usual, who would have thought.
Since contacting support would take ages, I played around with it on my own for a few mins and it seems like they're blocking Forum -> Mail host connection, probably someone has "tweaked" machine that hosts our forum or their firewall without any notifications, so I quickly tried out the older way with rerouting (Forum -> Forum host -> Mail host), that was used initially before they "tweaked" something and asked me to send directly Forum -> Mail host *WALL* basically we're back to what we used to have.

tl;dr - all forum's mail functionality should be working again.

If you'll have any issues related to mail - please let me know.