Russian Spammer(s) trying to attack us

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Russian Spammer(s) trying to attack us

Postby KAMIKADzE » Wed 2018.08.29, 22:11

For a few past days some Russian spammer is trying to login with non-existent usernames (no no no, not register - to actually login), which is somewhat funny =D
At first it started with some usernames that ad-spammers would use, but then it moved to something what normal people would use, although still without trying to actually register =D
The funniest thing is that timing doesn't look like it's a bot, but an actual human, using different Russian IP each time.
Don't worry, even successful registration is not enough to spam on this forum, the amount of required effort is just not practical.
There were similar attempts at the beginning of this month, while I was away, so this is not the first time, although it could be a different person(s).

There were no attempts to DDoS us yet, but everything might happen. We have few layers of DDoS protection, so there shouldn't be any major downtimes caused by that.

There's nothing to worry about, this post is just to inform you.

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