Outgoing Email problem: Chapter 2

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Outgoing Email problem: Chapter 2

Postby KAMIKADzE » Wed 2018.10.03, 10:36

Not so long ago I posted about our email problem, and while everything seemed to be working...today I checked some forum logs and noticed that there were few new users registrations with pending confirmation (spammers sometimes use fake mails to try if they can register gazillion of accounts quickly, or people try to use emails which they don't own, etc., so it's actually nothing out of order if some of those registrations are never confirmed), but their emails looked like they're real, so I checked errors of the mail on the server side (it's quite complicated to explain, but if forum sends email then it doesn't log any error caused by our host rejecting it, and even it I'm not checking every day, so you can imagine how often I check errors on the server side of the mail...). Basically what's happened - all of the mail functionality was working properly all this time, except new users confirmation mail *WALL*
Unfortunately not a single one out of all newly registered forum members bothered to notify me about their problem... :( so it lasted unnoticed for a while.
I have manually approved all of the affected accounts and contacted hosting support to fix this issue...but from my previous experience with them - it might take them a while, so if you plan to register in the nearest future - let me know and I'll manually approve you. I'll also check pending registrations every few days to approve them, as long as this issue won't be resolved.

If you'll have any issues related to mail in the future - please let me know.

Block was lifted by our host, so we're back to Forum -> Mail host route.

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