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2019.02.14 Reaching server limits

Posted: Thu 2019.02.14, 11:03
For the past 50 minutes server of our forum has reached its connection limit few times. Logs trace a lot of Chinese connections to the front page, but there's only a handful of users online. Basically it seems like we're getting a light version of DDoS, so I've turned on some additional protection measures and it seems like it worked and it's enough.
Even though that we're back and running just fine - I'll keep additional DDoS protection measures for the nearest few hours. During this time you may experience longer page loading times, than usual, thanks for your understanding.

P.S. Forum is back to normal protection and runs smoothly for more than 6 hours already. It seems like the attack has stopped, at least for now, they might return the other day, so if you'll encounter similar problem in the future - feel free to contact me outside of forum (e.g. Twitter, YouTube, etc.), and I'll get to it asap.

P.P.S. Seems like they're back, so I've enabled additional protection for all Chinese IPs. My apologies to all of our actual Chinese visitors, but you'll have to deal with those minor inconveniences for some period of time.