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Postby KAMIKADzE » Sat 2011.01.15, 13:13

  1. Can you explain Points?
    Currently points serve no real point =D you can count them just like postcount =D On a serious side of notes - points might get some points =D in the future.
    Points can be obtained from various actions on the forum (daily login, posts, etc.) and/or tips/donations from other members of the forum, which they might give you out of their own Points for you helpful post or some other reason.
  2. Can you explain Honor?
    Honor can be increased or decreased by other members of the forum and basically represents how honorable you are. Huge amount of honor (compared to other members of the forum) will feature you in the Honor Toplist, while negative honor will result in a more precise look on you from the moderation team, and might even result in some restrictions.
  3. Can you explain Gold?
    Gold is a virtual currency, which you can obtain by donating $, by doing some specific tasks, from events, etc..
    Gold can be spent in the forum shop or it can be stacked for the future use/showoff.
  4. Do you accept donations? How can I donate?
    Currently we accept donations via Skrill, Bitcoin. I may possibly accept JP WebMoney or some Steam game as well.
    Try to contact me, preferably via PM, Email or contact form and I'll get to you as soon as possible.
  5. Are there any perks for donators?
    As a reward for your donation you'll get Gold (FAQ#3) and will join a Donator group, which has various benefits, unless you will prompt to not receive Gold for your donation and/or not join Donator group.
  6. On what will you spend my donation money?
    All received $ will go toward whatever you donated for (Launcher, my YT videos, forum, music etc., e.g. let's say someone will donate 1k$ for specific BDO guide, if I can and I'm fine with creation of such guide - guess what I'll be doing next =D )
    If you're unsure on what you want me to spend your donation on - don't worry, I'll find a way to spend it =D there will be always some expenses related to running this forum, bills and even some food to keep me alive =D

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