Warner Music UK (WMG) fraudulent copyright claim

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Warner Music UK (WMG) fraudulent copyright claim

Postby KAMIKADzE » Thu 2018.10.04, 12:06

So I've recently posted this video:

And after few hours I received a copyright claim from "Warner Music UK" (WMG).
Just want to record this fraudulent claim for the history, as I doubt that youtube will punish them in any way for doing this.
They manually! claimed rights for a non-existent music in my video (not going to advertise their music here for free), while all of the used music can be easily checked in the description of my video, moreover there's nothing even remotely close to the claimed music...they're just going and claiming random videos on the youtube to earn money, while the dispute is in process (and of course I filed a dispute, as this is just a no brain dispute winning condition for me). You may think, that I shouldn't care, since I'm not receiving that many views to make any worthwhile income anyway, and that I shouldn't risk the channel over this claim, moreover - my videos aren't even monetized for quite some time, so I actually advocate you to use adblocks, while viewing them *THUMBSUP* , but I simply don't want to give any penny to this fraudulent company and I'm glad to give them deserved negative backlash.
That's about it - think twice before dealing with "Warner Music UK" (WMG) company.

An update for those who wondered/will wonder what happened after the fact:
"Warner Music UK" (WMG) clearly knew that their copyright claim was fraudulent and they didn't even bother to take any actions regarding my dispute. Theoretically they could remove their claim right away, if it was actually unintended (filed for wrong URL or smth), but they did not, as instead they simply waited for a whole month to let me auto-win the dispute.
Now that their copyright claim was removed I hope to never see this company again.

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