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Wizardry? What's that?

Posted: Mon 2013.09.16, 18:58
As some of you might know (and some not) I have started to play Wizardry not so long time ago.
The game itself can be found over here:

If you'd go on the site above^ before reading this you would see the words of Richard Cox, from
“It intrigued me, it also scared me...” ~Wizardry Online is the most hardcore fantasy MMO ever created. The difficulty level is insane. The dungeons are brutal. There is no auto-healing. You will earn your levels. Your crimes taint your soul. Your allies could betray you at any moment. And when you die, you die forever. Are you ready for the challenge?

Even though that all above is more or less true, I wouldn't call it imba hardcore.
Permadeath? Yes it is there...but it's not that easy unless you wanna quit game on purpose - when you die you'll walk as a soul and you can be grabbed by Reapers (there are plenty of those on every corner), but you have up to 10 tries to run from the body up to nearest ress point until you permadie (though notice that every grab of reaper will reduce your chances to review by 10% each time), and even if you can't handle reapers you can always sacrifice your gear durability (repair of which doesn't cost a lot) to tp to the ress point, and now when you're at the ress point your chances to review are like 90%+ (if not grabbed by reaper) and you can increase it to 100% by wearing blessed items or sacrificing gold/gear/potions/etc. to the ress statue, and even if you were grabbed a lot by reapers and can't get 100% review after you fail your body will turn firstly into ash and then you'll have 2nd chance to review and only after 2nd fail you'll permadie...oh well what to say only 12 chars died in this month (yes you can check that).
The very cool point of the game is that if char permadie all items on it (including cash) will be permalost :D the best game in the world to kill dons.
There are plenty of other cool features in the game - like when you just start you'll randomly receive some amount of stat points to start with xD then with each lvl your stats will randomly change, like you can degrade with lvl and start dealing less damage :)none of your skills say exactly how many dmg it will deal or how much it will heal, same goes for potions, camps and so on, all of what you'll find out yourself.
No HP/MP regen, imba mobs that can 1-hit you, plenty of traps and hidden chests, some of which can be an instadeath trap without anything inside the chest :D
Mobs respawn in the blink of an eye (to be precise ~10 sec) that is hilarious when there are plenty of those :D
Many ways to build your char and you can always change profession (it improves char slightly but on the other hand you get to lvl1) and many many other things...yet there are few things I dislike:
1) No option for camera to follow your mouse view (you'll need to hold RMB down all the way and it serves for other purposes also).
2) No ability to backpedal without having someone on target.
And 2 things that annoy you all the time:
1) Equipped gear still consumes the space in your inventory backpack which is very small even with additional bags (drop chances from mobs are pretty high) which result in all the time running back and force in dungeon to visit town and again to the place you were, or else you can drop unneeded items, well you would if not the fact that gear drops with "Unidentified" status and you need to visit NPC in town in order to identify it (of course there is identifying tool, you can identify one item per use at any location, however, using them repeatedly is not as economical as simply returning to town).
2) Everything goes very slowly, dialogs, cutscenes, etc. Lvls also go pretty slowly on some lvls you'll need to earn 2 times more exp than you earned on all the previous ;D

And all above is Wizardry - just a great game.

I've already established our Guild there so if anyone will want to try it out - just let me know.

More forum sections will come in a while as well as I'll start posting interesting News and Info on this game.

Wizardry Online

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