BDO JP - 08.11.2017 Patch Notes

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BDO JP - 08.11.2017 Patch Notes

Postby KAMIKADzE » Wed 2017.11.08, 13:11

September and October calendar SS event results

November and December calendar SS event

Application period: 2017.11.08 Maintenance - 2017.11.22 Maintenance
GMs selection period: 2017.11.22 Maintenance - 2017.11.29 Maintenance
Results: 2017.11.29 Maintenance

Deliver golden egg and get items! Golden Goose Egg event

Period: 2017.11.08 Maintenance - 2017.11.22 Maintenance

Announcement of Black Desert official LINE Twitter event

Period: 2017.11.08 Maintenance - 2017.11.22 Maintenance

Combat EXP fewer event!

Period: 2017.11.08 Maintenance - 2017.11.15 Maintenance
Combat EXP +100%

Skills changes


Changes to specifications of characters
● Combat EXP acquired between level 56 and level 61 significantly increases
· It will be increase between level 56.000 and level 60.999.
● Fixed an unnatural move when a state abnormality occurred with a musical instrument, a fishing tool, a fire gun etc.
● Introduction of awakening weapons added to character introduction at character creation
● Fixed Black Blood displayed instead of Red when receiving damage.

Specification change on items
● Added "Mysterious Seed"
· You can earn the special grade "Seed/Hypha" during harvesting/breed improvement/pruning/insect removal at cultivation.
· It can be planted in vegetable garden by mixing with special grade "Seed/Hypha".
* Processing experience value cannot be obtained when mixing "Mysterious Seed" and special class "Seed/Hypha".

Specification change related to NPC/monster
● HP/Def of the bashym garrison monsters decreased
● Modification and addition of monster arrangement of Main family
● Corrected so that exchange of "corrupted crystal" could be done normally in NPC "Jamie" of Western Guard Camp
● Magoria's glowing effect added
● Fixed the phenomenon that NPC "investigator's Tsu" blinks after quest "Ilezra's 5 rings" is completed
● Fixed a phenomenon that was not guided to NPC "Loner" at "NPC Position Confirmation" for "Magical Powder"

Specification change concerning content
● Work amount at construction of "Epheria Escort Ship" decreased from 1350 to 1050
● Speed-up summoning speed of the Black Spirit
● Correction to allow collection during firearm gun equipped
● Ibellab Oasis area has been fixed so that it can not be selected as the direction

Specification change concerning quest/knowledge
● Stone tail hill Fixed the content of knowledge of NPC "Wafra" of horse ranch to match NPC
● Fixed the content of knowledge of NPC "Greco Coda"
● Where can I obtain the proof of promise to the quest of "faint magical power armor/auxiliary weapon"?
● Fixed hint portion of knowledge of Jordain's ambition
● Added Rat Harbour NPC "Ginta Bum" "Hellan" to increase the parent density to obtain knowledge of marine monsters
● Quest "Fine wine delivery used at banquet" fixed to receive from over 39 lvl
● Added knowledge of the NPC "Sharia" in the desert Naga sacred place
● Fixed a phenomenon that can not complete quest "Jarret's repayment"
● During quest "Carrying the dead body of desperate desert Naga", moved the position of NPC "Desert Nagasupai" to the cliff opposite Sand Grain Bazaar
● Arrange soldiers NPC around NPC "Desert Nagasupai"

Specification change concerning UI
● Changing the basic settings of the chat window
● Fixed skill experience value displayed next to skill point value up to three decimal places
● Fixed not to display the tutorial list of the world map
● Adjust the time that the recent event window closes
● Added function that allows portrait shooting to be done with <space key>
● Four types of guild member's grade icons changed
● Fixed a problem that the button for teaching the location of repair NPC near end of durability did not work

System specification change
● Increase hit range and hit when equipped with [Hunting] Matchlock / [Combat] Matchlock fire gun and fire with the Black Spirit
· It applies when the Fire Gun shoot with 100% of Black Spirit's Rage.
● Improved to be able to move immediately after cancellation of enhancement success/failure action with the Black Spirit

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