BDO JP - 21.02.2018 Patch Notes

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BDO JP - 21.02.2018 Patch Notes

Postby KAMIKADzE » Wed 2018.02.21, 06:14

This is something new - 30 days banana to 7 accounts that were intentionally overusing guild funds.

"Coordination contest" result

Increased droprate for various items event

Period: 2018.02.21 Maintenance - 2018.03.07 Maintenance

Skills changes
Skills Changes Roadmap


Changes to specifications of characters
● Decreased stamina consumption when equipped with "Matchlock"
● Fixed the phenomenon that trousers graphics collapses when sitting after wearing Witch Hercules' Might/Luck of Fortuna/Heve Strength Armor
● Fixed the phenomenon that the foot graphics collapses when wearing Muskan's Shoes and Witch armor.
● Fixed the phenomenon that the expression of the character was maintained when damage was received with the following equipment worn:
· Fishing rod
· Harpoon
· Telumian Coconut
· Matchlock
· Trina Destroyer Axe
● Fixed a phenomenon in which aiming blurred when sitting and firing Matchlock under specific conditions
● Fixed an issue displaying other parties summoned monsters while summoning monsters.

Specification change concerning NPC/Monster
● Added following boxes to a Secret Shop:
· Kzarka Sealed Weapon Box
· Nuvere Sealed Secondary Weapon Box
· Kutum Sealed Secondary Weapon Box
· Dandelion Sealed Weapon Box
● Corrected inability to interact with NPC near the library bookshelf in the University of Calpheon
● Added the possibility to acquire "Ancient Puturum regain power" knowledge, when slaying Ancient Puturum

Specification change concerning UI
● Added save setting to menu
● Fixed a problem that the scroll button fell to the bottom when searching the area NPC on the nearest NPC search screen
● Fixed to move to corresponding skill by clicking the skill in the skill that you can learn window
● Corrected the problem that the resurrection button might be difficult to click on the death screen

Specification change on Market
● Items with a probability of pre-order purchase of 100% are fixed so that they are displayed on the exchange even if they have never been traded

System specification change
● Fixed a problem that the camera does not move smoothly under some conditions during automatic movement
● Corrected a phenomenon that Fanc 1 and 2 which could have been deleted can be used by deleting Fanc 1, 2 in the game pad interface setting and reconnecting again

Specification change concerning Pearl shop
● Fixed to reflect underwear and accessories on MIX costume worn
● Improved product information so that it naturally disappears when selecting product and opening product information and closing it

Specification change on map and background
● Corrected the position where the attack does not hit the character in Histria Ruins
● Fixed a phenomenon that branches of the media coast seemed broken
● Fixed a problem that a character could swim in a cave behind a gentle fountain waterfall

Specification change concerning text
● Modified/Applied some of the words you reported

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