BDO JP - 23.05.2018 Patch Notes

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BDO JP - 23.05.2018 Patch Notes

Postby KAMIKADzE » Tue 2018.05.22, 23:23

Upcoming updates content

Special Run Awakening web page

Ran's Seal event

Period: 2018.05.23 Maintenance - 2018.06.13 Maintenance

Life EXP Transfer Ticket 20% off coupon gift!

Coupon expiration: 2018.05.30 Maintenance

And another Shakatu's Seal Daily login event!

Period: 2018.05.24 00:00 - 2018.06.27 23:59

Ran Awakening update memorial! Combat EXP Ultra fever event!

Period: 2018.05.23 Maintenance - 2018.05.30 Maintenance
Combat EXP +100%

Skills changes


Specification change concerning contents
● Added a conversation to the Shade Tree Forest Node Manager Atideman, which will help you to find the Lumbering node in the Shade Tree Forest.
● Added new warehouse transportation routes:
Velia ⇔ Epheria
AltiNova ⇔ Epheria
Heidel ⇔ Treant ⇔ Epheria
Tarif ⇔ Epheria

Specification change on items
● Now you can process various "Magic Seeds" to "Mysterious Seeds"
● Fixed explanation of "Mysterious Seeds"
● Now you can drop already enhanced Asura's Red Eye Accessories (up to Light II) in some of the hunting grounds.
● Corrected phenomenon that Adventure Fame is not restored/applied in real time after restoring durability of equipped item.
● Fixed description text in General Accessories/Fierce of FP Debris Stone.
● Now owner of each region, equipped with respective Crown item, can use World chat without the consumption of World Chat Ticket.

Specification change on graphics
● Fixed phenomenon that graphics collapses when wearing [MT] Blue Dragon Costume and [MT] Canapés Boots
● Fixed phenomenon that Helmet appearance can be seen for Striker wearing Serendia Soldier Clothes
● Fixed phenomenon that Striker's/Mystic's underwear penetrated part of the body during some motion
● Fixed problem of Clothes, created using Costume Exchange Ticket, appearance not displaying, when worn

Specification change for quest/knowledge
● Fixed overview description of "[NJ] Narusawa's Surado - Practice" quest
● Adjusted to be able to acquire more Peridot Leaves from Kamasilvia's daily quests
● Remove the contribution limit from the acceptance condition of Valencia Capital's daily quests
● Changed Gold Key to be exchanged via "Morco" NPC's quest
● Changed some of the quests titles to understand more easily their reward in quest window
● Modified and added SE output when UI moves

Specification change on monster/NPC
● Added monster to Milumog Ruins and partially changed the arrangement of monsters there
● Fixed motion of Goblin Fighter and Goblin Thrower around the Cron Castle

Specification change concerning UI
● Corrected phenomenon in which the displayed number of items stored in warehouse differ from the actual number of items in warehouse list of other areas, when opened from warehouse NPC

Specification change concerning Node/Occupation war
● Fixed problem that the Castle's Gate could be destroyed by summoned beast attack in Occupation war
● Fixed to teleport to the nearby Guild's fort at the start of Node/Occupation war.
※You will not teleport, if you're outside of the battlefield region or in a safe area.

Specification change concerning text
● Modified/Applied some of the words you reported

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