Black Desert Lab - Global Testing Server has officially launched

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Black Desert Lab - Global Testing Server has officially launched

Postby KAMIKADzE » Thu 2018.07.12, 16:44

Black Desert Lab global testing server was announced quite a while back, and today it has officially launched. You can download global testing server's client from the official website.

PearlAbyss wrote:Hello, Adventurers!
This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.

The Global Lab service will be opened and operated in order to provide you stable game. Through the new server we will open game content in development earlier so that we can test them as well.

Thus the Global Lab server will already have characters pre-created depending on the test purpose and some game money will be provided so that you can test the characters fully. The servers settings may also be changed so that you can gain items and raise your character faster.

Similarly, the Global Lab server may be reset or the service may be suspended at any time in order to analyze the feedback as quickly as possible so that we can apply the feedback as much as we can into live service.

Global Lab Server FAQ
Q. Which platforms can access the Global Lab?
A. Only Windows PCs can participate.

Q. Which region can access the Global Lab?
A. If you are in any region that services Black Desert currently, you can access the server if you possess the Global Lab server code already. (Please note that certain regions may not be able to access the Global Lab server. We are working with publishers of those regions to expand our services. We thank you for your understanding.)

Q. Do you need to download a new client in order to run the Global Lab?
A. Yes, you will need to install a separate client just for the Global Lab server.

Q. Which languages will be supported?
A. English, Korean, and Chinese (Traditional) will be available. Please note that some of the newer content may not be localized into your language yet.

Q. Does My Info on the live server apply to the Global Lab?
A. No, in order to use the Global Lab server you must create a separate account. Your game data will not transfer over from the live server and will be completely separately set.

Q. Is it possible to transfer the character I raised on the Global Lab server onto a live server account?
A. All families, characters, items, game data will not be transferable onto your live server account.

Q. Is it possible to restore lost game data (character, items) on the Global Lab server as well?
A. No, since the Global Lab server is for test purposes only, game data may be modified or deleted at any time, and restoration of game data is not available.

Q. Is the game service between the live server and the Global Lab the same quality?
A. Since there are game contents that are still in development on the Global Lab server, it may be more unstable than the live server, and there may be critical errors that are not yet found. As a result you may experience server outages, and subsequent game data rollbacks. There will not be any rewards provided for such occurrences.

Q. Are the game contents from the Global Lab service the same as live server?
A. Since the purpose of the Global Lab server is to fix bugs, address balancing issues, and other testing purposes, the game content may vary from the live server, and may be changed at any time without prior notice.

Q. Can you purchase pearls in the Global Lab?
A. No, on the Global Lab server, purchasing with real currency is restricted. Purchases of Acoin will not be available.

Q. Where can I provide feedback about the Global Lab?
A. Go to the Global Lab website, ‘Customer Support > Feedback’ to leave us your positive comments and constructive criticism. We would appreciate it if you let us know your opinions and report bugs as soon as possible.

[How to Participate]
If you click on the ‘Collect Coupon’ button in the in-game UI on the live server, access will automatically be provided. Subsequently, you can access the Global Lab server from the pop-up site.

■ Details
Global Lab Testing Period: 12.07.2018 14:00 - 09.08.2019 10:00 (GMT+8)
※ Game data will be reset every 2 weeks.
※ Scheduled Maintenance will happen every Thursday at 3:00 AM (EST).

■ Prerequisite to enter the test server
Adventurers that applied for the test server and has a Level 56 or higher character on a live server

■ Testing
Ocean dungeon (underwater cave)

※ Depending on ongoing tests, some contents such as events, boss spawns, Conquer and Node War etc. may not be available in Black Desert Global Lab
※ Testing Period may change due to circumstance.
※ If an unexpected issue arises, the server may shut down without prior notice.
※ Game data and testing rights may be frequently changed, added, deleted, or reset to provide better service.
※ Only certain number of adventurers are able to register Black Desert Global Lab due to the limited number of registration.
※ Requirement is subject to change for each episode.

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