BDO JP - 12.12.2018 Patch Notes

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BDO JP - 12.12.2018 Patch Notes

Postby KAMIKADzE » Wed 2018.12.05, 11:28

Archer update special web page

*BANANA* News: 2 players got warning.

Extended "Guild Mission reward x5 event!" till 2018.12.19 Maintenance

Archer's Seal & Challenges event

Challenges period: 2018.12.12 Maintenance - 2019.01.03 09:00
Archer's Seal period: 2018.12.12 Maintenance - 2019.01.09 Maintenance

Unofficial Note: Although it is not stated on the event page at the moment - there will be continuation of archer challenges for 56,57,58 lvls starting from 2018.12.19 Maintenance - 2019.01.16. Unless there were some changes to the challenges that I've missed - you will need to lvlup your Archer in order to achieve them, so I would not recommend to rush for the lvl 60+ prior to 2018.12.19 Maintenance.

Let's make a beautiful Ancient Cron's Tree for Christmas! Christmas event!

Part I: 2018.12.12 Maintenance - 2018.12.19 Maintenance
Part II: 2018.12.19 Maintenance - 2018.12.26 Maintenance

Opportunity to get ultra-luxurious items! Shakatu's Box event!

Period: 2018.12.12 Maintenance - 2018.12.19 Maintenance

Combat EXP +100% & easy sub-character training! Archer implementation memorial event

Period: 2018.12.12 Maintenance - 2019.01.09 Maintenance
Combat EXP +100%
Skill EXP +30%

Info on Remastered story and future updates

Skills changes



Cash shop:

Archer costumes appeared! Added package with a new pet!

Package sale period: 2018.12.12 Maintenance - 2018.12.19 Maintenance

Winter furniture/accessories, 250LT weight, beginner packages reappeared!

Sale period: 2018.12.12 Maintenance - 2018.12.26 Maintenance

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