BDO JP - 26.12.2018 Patch Notes

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BDO JP - 26.12.2018 Patch Notes

Postby KAMIKADzE » Wed 2018.12.26, 07:07

*BANANA* News: 2 players got warning, 1 player got 15 days banana.

「[EV] Snowman」 to get luxurious equipment and nice items!

Period: 2018.12.26 Maintenance - 2019.01.09 Maintenance

【Notice】 Special event exclusively on the New Year's Day! New Year's Big Chance event!

Period: 2019.01.01 00:00 - 23:59

Skills changes



Unofficial Notes:

Seems like we will be getting smilies/emoticon/emojis/however else you want to call them:
  • Tears Black Spirit (Tears)
  • Link Item
    Probably a button to link items will be placed in the same place with emojis.
  • Angry Black Spirit (Angry)
  • Bathing Black Spirit (Bath)
  • Boxing Black Spirit (Boxing)
  • Envious Black Spirit (Envy)
  • Supporting Black Spirit (Fight)
    "Fight" word is used for cheering in Japan.
  • Nikuman Black Spirit (Nikuman)
    Chinese street food.
  • Present Black Spirit (Present)
  • Surprised Black Spirit (Surprised)
  • Futon Black Spirit (Futon)
    Japanese mattress+duvet.
  • Tired Black Spirit (Tired)
  • Cold Black Spirit (Cold)
Emojis will be purchasable in the cash shop and will last for 30 days. No idea on pricing and if it will be Pearls or Mileage.
After registering Emojis, press the [E] button on the right side of the chat window input field. It can be used from Emojis window, or by typing the keyword.

Also it seems like we will be getting the reworked Marketplace soon™. I haven't been following the development of this reworked marketplace for a while, so I'm not going to try to explain it before its arrival, but shortly:
  • There will be a marketplace inventory, which will be limited by the weight.
  • It will be possible to set your desired selling/purchasing price.
    E.g.: (Reference price + Additional price) x Quantity, where reference price is the price set by the devs and additional is set by you, so there will be a minimum price.

There will be challenges to play 1 hour for the items each day from 01.01 till 06.01 (including). Challenges will last 1 day, so you won't be able to take 1st day challenge on 2nd day, etc..

And one more thing worth mentioning - seems like we'll finally see a reconnection feature =o No idea if it will be limited, to let's say Arusha, or not, but the reconnection feature will try to reconnect you for 5 minutes before shutting the game down.

Cash shop:
Great 6 days! 40% discount for 4 item types!

Period: 2018.12.26 Maintenance - 2018.12.31 23:59

Weight 300LT appears! Kotatsu accessories reappearance!

Period: 2018.12.26 Maintenance - 2019.01.09 Maintenance

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