[JP] 05.06.2019 Patch Notes

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[JP] 05.06.2019 Patch Notes

Postby KAMIKADzE » Wed 2019.06.05, 08:38

*BANANA* News: 3 players got warning, 2 players got temporary banana.

GMs have extended time for some of the durational cash shop items by 1 hour and sent Full-hearted Box III x1 to those who have logged in at least once since 2019.05.29 Maintenance via in-game mail.
Can be received from mail until: 2019.06.12 23:59

Let's awaken the Fantasy Horse! Horse training items droprate event

Period: 2019.06.05 Maintenance - 2019.06.19 Maintenance

Skills changes



Unofficial Notes:

There are lots of various reworks in this patch and quite a few more are planned for the future. One of them is the change of Shakatu's Seals that we receive in daily login events, after this change old Shakatu's Seals will still be exchangeable for their rewards as well as Cron Stone x5 to cover your untradable remains. Currently we have no info on whether the old seals will be sheduled for removal and how much time we will have to exchange them, just be aware that it is coming soon™ and if you plan a vacation or other lengthy offline time it might be a good idea to exchange them before that.

Cash shop:

New costume & pet! Horse Skill Change Ticket, Cat selection packages!

New costume & pet Sale Period: 2019.06.05 Maintenance - 2019.06.19 Maintenance
Packages Sale Period: 2019.06.05 Maintenance - 2019.06.12 Maintenance

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