[JP] 17.07.2019 Patch Notes

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[JP] 17.07.2019 Patch Notes

Postby KAMIKADzE » Wed 2019.07.17, 10:17

Another Shakatu's Seal Daily login event!

Period: 2019.07.18 00:00 - 2019.08.21 23:59

Collect by Hunting, Fishing, Gathering! 「Laila's Petals」 droprate event!

Period: 2019.07.17 Maintenance - 2019.07.31 Maintenance

Telumian Waterpark 2019!

Period: 2019.07.17 Maintenance - 2019.08.28 Maintenance

Skills changes



Unofficial Notes:

UI and some other stuff was added for the upcoming Family Skills, which I've explained in 10.07.2019 Patch Notes. At this rate of additions we should see them soon™(probably before the Summer end, unless it will be postponed like life skill revamp and Igor Bartali's Adventure Journal 11-15 were).

Skills tree selection is actually coming. Revamped Warrior's skills were added, so as the devs have mentioned previously - Warrior will be the first one.
If you're unaware what's that, shortly: devs promised revision of Primary skills tree long time ago, as it was sort of killed by the Awakening one almost entirely for most classes, and they announced this skills tree selection thingy along with the upcoming new Ocean/Sea updates. We don't know how exactly it is going to work, but from what we know you will be able to select either Primary or Awakening skills tree as your main one and the other one will become supplementary, basically in theory you should be able to "reverse" current "Damage/Usability" and what's now present in the game will become Awakening skills tree selection, although I wouldn't be surprised if devs will make the Primary one too OP and everyone will be forced to switch to it, like we were with the Awakening.

Other than that we got a lot of additions for the upcoming Ocean/Sea updates (small batches were added for quite some time, but today we got a descent one, which seems like a preparation for the first update), so you can expect them soon™.

And a bad news (IMO): we got a descent batch of new "Unified UI" (devs decided to make single UI for all platforms, to reduce UI development time, and we won't be able to use our old PC UI, we'll be forced to use this new "Console"-style UI), so it's coming soon™ as well.

Cash shop:

New Archer costume! Marine Romance, Epheria Marine, Telumian Costumes re-appeared! Black Spirit's Emojis!

Marine Romance, Epheria Marine, Telumian Costumes Sale Period: 2019.07.17 Maintenance - 2019.07.31 Maintenance
Wizard Ghost Sale Period: 2019.07.17 Maintenance - 2019.07.24 Maintenance

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