[JP] 11.09.2019 Patch Notes

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[JP] 11.09.2019 Patch Notes

Postby KAMIKADzE » Wed 2019.09.11, 09:56

*BANANA* News: 4 players got warning.
GMs decided to continue their "recent bugs" post and expanded it, to reduce the amount of people reporting the same bugs, so if you're about to report one - simply check it out before doing that.

Collect by Hunting, Fishing, Gathering! 「Laila's Petals」 droprate event!

Period: 2019.09.11 Maintenance - 2019.09.25 Maintenance

24h stream thanking event! (Book of Training event)

Period: 2019.09.11 Maintenance - 2019.09.25 Maintenance

Skills changes



Unofficial Notes:

Just decided to post an update on what's happening with things that I've mentioned previously:
  • Ocean/Sea content is constantly being added/updated with almost every patch. Seems like the devs are hesitant, a bit, with releasing it, and tweak this content a lot, that said - it's now on a testing server, so probably we'll see it during this autumn.
  • Seems like skills tree selection was cancelled and instead we'll get the same thing that Mobile BDO has - Traditions (even though that devs told us multiple times that we'll not get Mobile BDO traditions, that PC version will have its own thing). Basically we'll see a separate skills tree, that will contain those revamped skills. You'll be able to select New skills tree or Awakening skills tree as your main one (you'll not be able to use the other one), and the Primary skills tree will remain as supplementary in both cases. Tradition skills are planned to use Primary Weapon AP, but will receive bonus AP from Awakening Weapon, just like Awakening skills receive bonus from Primary Weapon.
  • Family Skills seems to be abandoned (right after my last post about them, well at least I guessed that they could postpone it) for now, but not removed, so most likely they will eventually appear and we'll just have to wait them for a while.

Cash shop:

Life Proficiency Implementation Commemoration Packages! Other packages!

Packages sale period: 2019.09.11 Maintenance - 2019.09.25 Maintenance
Weight Limit 250/300LT sale period: 2019.09.11 Maintenance - 2019.09.18 Maintenance

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