[JP] Unbans of 21.10.2020 Ban wave

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[JP] Unbans of 21.10.2020 Ban wave

Postby KAMIKADzE » Thu 2020.10.22, 17:52

[Notice] Unbans of 21.10.2020 Ban wave

Newly introduced auto-macro-detector wasn't without flaws, and from the words of GMs that flaw was the person responsible for giving out bananas based on detections. GMs have apologized for the issue and unbanned wrongfully banned players:
  • CueQ
  • あれっさ
  • 花ノ手
  • うぃるしゅあ
  • 菊之丞
So take this as an example that if you will be banned at some point, while not doing anything malicious - send a ticket, don't give up right away *THUMBUP*

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