Indication of BDO Meta

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Indication of BDO Meta

Postby KAMIKADzE » Wed 2016.12.28, 20:45

This is rather simple. The structure:
1st row - Server name: Game meta version (color)
2nd row - Backup meta version (color)
3rd row (RU-specific) - RU torrent (color)
4th row (RU-specific) - RU torrent backup (color). Version here represents meta version at the time of torrent backup.

Not found = Obviously not found
Unreadable = Cannot read meta for one or another reason. You can try to change respective client Paz settings in BDO Patcher settings.
Version number includes "Version(Paz files)". You would ask "why so?" - just to make it more unique, for example JP version of the game previously reached 9XX version number, but now it is v340 (no it's not going downhill, 21.12 update was v334).

  • Black - Meta not found
  • Dark Violet - Unreadable meta
  • Lime - Found original game meta
  • Dark Orange - Found modified game meta
  • Yellow - Found custom modified game meta
  • Dark Blue - Found mixed modification game meta
  • Red - Some other problems with meta
If you see Dark Violet or Red - check your PAZ settings, if it says v3 and SF = 0 for KR/JP/EU/NA/RU/TW/SA and CL = 0 for KR/JP/EU/NA/RU/TW/SA (correct settings as of 2017.12.25) then contact me for further investigation.

"Refresh" button will obviously refresh the shown information. This information is automatically "refreshed" on changes made by Launcher itself, so there is no need to refresh if you're not doing any changes to game meta files (Launcher will auto-refresh on changes made by 3rd party software or OS functions in some future update).

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