BDO JP - 19.04.2018 Patch Notes

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BDO JP - 19.04.2018 Patch Notes

Postby KAMIKADzE » Thu 2018.04.19, 13:33

  • Fixed problems with Wizard/Witch effects of those skills:
    Chain Lighting I
    Chain Lighting II
    Chain Lighting III
    Chain Lighting IV
    JIN: Chain Lighting

    Giant skills remained with temporary measures:
    Storming Beast I
    Storming Beast II
    Storming Beast III
    Absolute: Storming Beast
    JIN: Storming Beast
    While those temporary measure are in play, it will be possible to attack your opponents with them, but the damage and effects will not apply.
  • Fixed phenomenon that ships were stuck when taken out from Calpheon Wharf NPC.
  • Fixed phenomenon in which buttons for viewing ally points were displayed in watching mode of Barbarian's Crack/Guild/Personal Battle
  • Modified abnormal state (Crowd Control) effects at PvP (Modifications are highlighted):
    Knockdown, Bound, Offset, Knockback, Stun, GrabAdjusted the activation limit up to 2 times (2 times activation limit is reset after 5 seconds)
    StiffnessCan be activated continuously
    Air SmashWhen opponent is floating (Abnormal state, etc.), it is triggered with 100% chance
    Smash DownWhen the opponent is down, it is triggered with 30% chance
    - Abnormal state effects (Knockdown, Bound, Offset, Grab, Knockback, Stun) can be applied up to 2 times, and they will not be applied for 5 seconds after the second application.
    - After applying abnormal state with first skill (1st time), it will gain immune state for 1 second, and then the next abnormal state effect will be applied (2nd time).
    - After using the first skill to get into the immune state, the next abnormal states are not applied during immunity and are accumulated instead, to make it possible to use skills combo. However, this may be changed in the future with another balance adjustment.
    - Smash (Down, Air) and Stiffness effects are not included in the number of crowd control limit.
    - In a lying down state, Stun, Stiffness, Knockback effects are not applied, and they will not be included in the number of crowd control limit.
  • Changed harvesting yield volume to not decrease even if the garden item's growing condition reached 200% (This was posted because apparently someone leaked it somewhere).
  • Adjusted PvP damage:
    ClassPvP damage
    WR+5.33% ~ +7.54%
    RG+6.48% ~ +8.60%
    SR+6.25% ~ +7.30%
    GA+9.89% ~ +13.48%
    LS+4.63% ~ +6.01%
    BD+6.89% ~ +8.77%
    TB+7.19% ~ +8.62%
    KT+8.33% ~ +12.77%
    MT+4.22% ~ +5.35%
    VK+5.73% ~ +6.63%
    KN+6.00% ~ +7.39%
    NJ+7.80% ~ +11.09%
    DK+5.17% ~ +8.21%
    WZ+6.77% ~ +9.63%
    WT+7.47% ~ +10.04%

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