BDO JP - 02.05.2018 Patch Notes

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BDO JP - 02.05.2018 Patch Notes

Postby KAMIKADzE » Wed 2018.05.02, 07:16

Fansites hub


Let's create a new upcoming Ran class!

Period: 2018.05.02 Maintenance - 2018.05.09 Maintenance

Various cash shop sales

Period: 2018.05.02 Maintenance - 2018.05.23 Maintenance

Users blogs cheering campaign!

Period: 2018.05.02 Maintenance - 2018.05.30 Maintenance

Gifts for returning adventurers!

Period: 2018.05.02 Maintenance - 2018.06.30 23:59

Increased droprate of Black Crystal Sculptures and Pieces of Ancient Ruins event

Period: 2018.05.02 Maintenance - 2018.05.16 Maintenance

Return of Black Spirit! Let's get some silver!

Period: 2018.05.02 Maintenance - 2018.05.16 Maintenance

Let's get enhanced equipment and accessories from monsters!

Period: 2018.05.02 Maintenance - 2018.05.16 Maintenance

Skills changes


Specification change related to special attack
● Specification change related to Freeze attack
· Changed to apply abnormal state effect once from Freeze attack → Target will gain 5 seconds abnormal state immunity after the second application

Specification change concerning Node/Castle war
● Increased Human race extra damage of Trina Matchlock
● Added Elephant extra damage to Trina Matchlock
● Increased height of Wooden Fences that can be used for occupation

Specification change concerning mounts
● Corrected "Epheria Escort: Zafina Guns" item description
● Fixed the problem that the content of the contract condition of the following quests were displayed:
· [Repeatable] Useful Junk
· [Repeatable] Disgusting Guys
· [Repeatable] Already Dead
● Fixed a phenomenon in which the name of soldier in Heidel city to the right side of NPC "Lebyos" was displayed as resident

Specification change on monster
● Fixed the spinning phenomenon, when you kill a bird monster
● Fixed the phenomenon of Giath, summoned from Goblin Chief Summon Scroll, dropping silver twice after its extermination
● Changed the position of the Bee Box that was stuck in the ground in some places and could not be hit
● Corrected the placement of "Black Panther" monster in Kamasilvia
● Fixed phenomenon of being attacked by Black Panther even if you were out of reach from its attack range
● Corrected phenomenon that the attack range of Lapis Treant was narrow compared to appearance
● Corrected the automatic guidance displayed when using Book of Training in Grana

Changes to specifications of characters
● Fixed phenomenon that "[VK] Puff Shoes" graphics collapsed, when worn with "[VK] Yen slicer Armor"
● Fixed phenomenon that dyeing of "Trichi Shoes" is not applied, when worn with "Deneb Costume"

Specification change concerning UI
● Added a line to the bonus window
● Fixed to close mount inventory, when closing warehouse while mount inventory is opened
● Corrected so that processing window and marketplace window cannot be opened at the same time
● Fixed to display Adventure Fame Icon in character info

Specification change concerning NPC
● Removed NPC "Shakatu" that was placed in Tree of Wisdom

Specification change concerning text
● Modified/Applied some of the words you reported

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