BDO JP - 09.05.2018 Patch Notes

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BDO JP - 09.05.2018 Patch Notes

Postby KAMIKADzE » Tue 2018.05.08, 17:10

Serial code apology for maintenance extension:
BDES jKg7 tGfg

Valid until: 2018.05.10 18:00
Book of Training - Combat (3 hours) x1
Book of Training - Skill (3 hours) x1
GM's Apology 3 (1 hour) x2

3rd Anniversary! Let's get a radnom Boss Armor with 3 mileage!

1st Period: 2018.05.12 19:00-22:00
2nd Period: 2018.05.19 19:00-22:00
3rd Period: 2018.05.26 19:00-22:00

Ran character makeup Twitter campaign

Period: 2018.05.09 Maintenance - 2018.05.23 Maintenance

Collect coins to get treasure! Lauren family gift box event!

Period: 2018.05.10 00:00 - 2018.05.30 Maintenance

Ran implementation memorial! Skill Ultra Fever event!

Period: 2018.05.09 Maintenance - 2018.05.23 Maintenance
Skill EXP +20%

Ran memorial event!

Period: 2018.05.09 Maintenance - 2018.05.30 Maintenance

Skills changes


PA wrote:■ Adjustments of abnormal state (Crowd Control) effects:
It will occur only at the first strike of skill, and it will be changed to not be affected by evasion.

- In early Black Desert development stage, the concept of accuracy was less important for abnormal state effects than it is now.
In the conventional system, when you successfully evade strike, you evade all of its damage including abnormal state effect.
As the result, character with a high evasion could move freely without a problem even when opposing a large number of enemies.
In order to prevent such phenomenon, we reduced resistance probability by applying an abnormal state effect from every strike.
In addition to that, attacker could obtain a reliable feedback from his attack, so it improved the feel of actually striking your target.

- But as the time passed, accuracy of adventurers changed from average to high values, causing most of their attacks to be applied as effective strikes and another problem arose.
For defending adventurer, regardless of how high the abnormal state resistance value is, the actual resistance effect is low.
For example, even if the Knockdown resistance is raised to 60% (Max value, you can actually get it up to 100% but anything above 60% will be effective only if the enemy has "Ignore resist" stat, which reduces your resist), if the skill's strikes cause 2-5 Knockdown effects, the resist chance can fall down to about 12%.
On the other hand, since all Grab skills consist of 1 strike, Grab resist is relatively high, and this caused a great difference for the classes with mainly Grab effects on skills.

- We decided to correct this imbalance factor that made this game difficult.
Abnormal state effects will now apply only on the first strike of skill, which sets up a way to deal with enemy's abnormal state skills more efficiently than before.
Since evasion will be excessively superior with this reorganization, we were forced to make abnormal state effects not being influenced by evasion.

- In the future evasion will only affect attack damage, while abnormal state effect resists will effect only abnormal state effects.
In other words, when attack is received, one of those will happen:
  • "Only attack damage or abnormal effect is valid"
  • "Both are valid"
  • "Both are invalid"
However, if the damage is evaded and only abnormal state effect is applied, minimum skill damage (5%) will be applied along with it.
This will make the selection of items and crystals more important, so we hope that it will improve the fun of selection.

■ Changes planned for 16.05.2018 Maintenance:
- Reduce the movement distance of the character receiving attack with Knockdown and Knockback effect, we plan to alleviate the misalignment phenomenon with this.
- To build a more intuitive PvP, we plan to change skills so that they will not have both, abnormal state and determination (Super Armor/Front Guard/Invulnerable) effects at the same time. (However, this will take a lot of time)

We would like to cooperate with adventurers in the process of improving the game for it to be more enjoyable.
You can freely make your suggestions through contacts, and we will do our best to make the voices of many adventurers become reflected in Black Desert.

Specification change concerning Node/Castle war
● Modified to see IMMUNE text only on strike. You will not see it from other character strikes during Node/Castle war.
● Fixed problem that you could be attacked with abnormal state skills while activating super armor skill during Node/Castle war in progress.
● Fixed phenomenon that Barricade items, produced in Siege Workshop, could not be sold to shops.

Specification change on adventure fame
● Changed to increase Adventure Fame according to the highest reputation in all the territories
※The reputation varies depending on the amity with NPCs in each territory
※Bonus Fame for your Reputation:
ReputationBonus Adventure Fame
1 gradeAdventure Fame does not increase
2 gradeAdventure Fame increase +1
3 gradeAdventure Fame increase +2
4 gradeAdventure Fame increase +3
5 gradeAdventure Fame increase +5

Specification change on quest/knowledge
● Fixed a problem where Media "Lucky Test 2" quest icon was different from the quest summary

Specification change on items
● Change the description and cooldown of Items droprate increase scroll:
Before changeAfter change
[EV] Items droprate increase scroll[EV] Items droprate increase scroll (60 min)
Items droprate increase scrollItems droprate increase scroll (60 min)
Cooldown: 1 hourCooldown: 30 min

● Now Items droprate increase scroll can be split and combined via Simple Alchemy:
You can split 1x Items droprate increase scroll (60 min) into 2x Items droprate increase scroll (30 min), and combine 2x Items droprate increase scroll (30 min) into 1x Items droprate increase scroll (60 min) via Simple Alchemy.
※ Excluding [EV] Items droprate increase scroll

Specification change related to guild
● Bonus grade settings are now saved

Other specification change
● Fixed code suspected of client crash when moving from server selection to character selection window

Specification change concerning contents
● Fixed to prevent weight warning message at the game login, even if Fairy has "Feather-like step" skill.
● Changed to receive Barbarian's Crack Boss extermination reward after Barbarian's Crack end via mail.
※ You can earn boxes, that will be sent in mailbox, by clearing each stage.

Specification change concerning UI
● Changed the icon of the dock area movement button

Specification change on monster
● Fixed a phenomenon in which abnormal states are continuously applied by specific monsters
● Fixed to not use Knockdown abnormal state after the first Knockdown strike during Boraro's continuous jumping near Manshyaum Nak's Stone, summoned by Awakened Manshyaum Chieftain Summon Book.

Changes to specifications of characters
● Fixed to restore Max Stamina after the resurrection

Specification change concerning text
● Modified/Applied some of the words you reported

Cash shop:

Few more costumes for Ran are already in the client, one of which (Bloody Rain) has even Earring accessory (obviously sold separately, e.g.: like Lal Arcien), so expect new Ran costumes soon™

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