BDO JP - 16.05.2018 Patch Notes

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BDO JP - 16.05.2018 Patch Notes

Postby KAMIKADzE » Wed 2018.05.16, 06:59

Serial code apology for maintenance extension:
BDbk 6beS BiyV

Valid until: 2018.05.17 18:00
Book of Training - Combat (3 hours) x1
Book of Training - Skill (3 hours) x1
GM's Apology 3 (1 hour) x1

Ran Awakening memorial! Twitter & LINE campaign

Period: 2018.05.16 Maintenance - 2018.05.30 Maintenance

Increased droprate of Black Crystal Sculptures and Pieces of Ancient Ruins event

Period: 2018.05.16 Maintenance - 2018.05.30 Maintenance

The return of Black Spirit's Adventure! event

Period: 2018.05.16 Maintenance - 2018.06.06 Maintenance

Skills changes


PA wrote:■ Reduced distance traveled by the character receiving attack with Knockdown and Knockback effect.
There is a so-called "misalignment" phenomenon, that occurs when there is a difference between the position of the character recognized by the server and client.
We have confirmed that this "misalignment" occurs frequently, in a situation, when a character moves immediately after received Knockdown or Knockback effect, and we have also confirmed that there is an intermittent difference in occurrence of this phenomenon with a shortened traveled distance, so we applied this change.

■ Changed abnormal state effects (Knockdown, Offset, Bound, Knockback, Stiffness, Stun, Freeze) to apply only on the first strike of skill and to not being influenced by evasion.
Until now, regardless of how high the abnormal state resistance value of defending adventurer was, the actual resistance effect felt low, compared to the written numerical value. That was due to abnormal state effects triggering on each successful strike of the attacker's skills.
For example, even if the Knockdown resistance is raised to 60% (Max value, you can actually get it up to 100% but anything above 60% will be effective only if the enemy has "Ignore resist" stat, which reduces your resist), if the skill's strikes caused 5 Knockdown effects, the actual resist chance, that you could experience, was falling down to about 7.7%.
On the other hand, since all Grab skills consist of 1 strike, Grab resist was applied with displayed chance.
This was a factor of disparity for the classes using mainly Grab skills.
Previously, when you successfully evaded strike, you evaded all of its damage including abnormal state effect.
As the result, character with a high evasion could move freely without a problem even when opposing a large number of enemies.
In order to prevent such phenomenon, we reduced resistance probability by applying an abnormal state effect from every strike.
In addition to that, attacker could obtain a reliable feedback from his attack, so it improved the feel of actually striking your target.
However, since evasion will be excessively superior with this reorganization, we were forced to make abnormal state effects not being influenced by evasion.
From now on evasion will only affect attack damage, while abnormal state effect resists will effect only abnormal state effects.
In other words, when attack is received, one of those will happen:
  • "Only attack damage or abnormal effect is valid"
  • "Both are valid"
  • "Both are invalid"

■ Adjustment of skills that have abnormal state effect and additional attack
Now if a skill has both abnormal state effect and additional attack (Smash Down, etc.) at the same time, depending on the situation, only one effect will apply.
For example, if you hit a standing enemy with the Warrior's Ground Smash, only the Bound effect will be applied.
On contrary - only Smash Down will be applied to the fallen enemy, and since the Bound effect will not apply, IMMUNE will be displayed.

■ Adjustment on movement skills during long range/non-awakening attack
Although we were able to adjust the determination effects (Super Armor/Front Guard/Invulnerable) of some skills, for all classes with 2018.05.09 update, as a result, the short range attack classes were hampered by the attacks of the long range attack classes, which made it difficult to even approach them.
To alleviate this situation, we partially altered the abnormal state effects of the long range attack skills and the determination effects of the movement skills during non-awakening state.
In addition to that, we also made some adjustments of skills that are influential in group fighting.

■ Future adjustments notice
· As the overall stats of adventurers has risen, summoned monsters are in a difficult situation to play an active role, so we plan to increase their AP.

· As of now, skills, that use Black Spirit's Rage, have different animation length and instantaneous damage amount in each class.
Since this affects class balance, in order to alleviate this situation with such difference in damage efficiency, we plan to adjust the amount of damage dealt by Black Spirit's Rage skills.
During adjustment, we may also reduce PvP damage for some of the classes.

In addition to the adjustment of the amount of damage dealt by Black Spirit's Rage skills, we also plan to change the rule of obtaining Black Spirit's Rage.
Until now, every time character was attacked, it had a 50% chance to obtain 1 Black Spirit's Rage and obtained 1 Black Spirit's Rage after killing the enemy, so instead of making it hard to accumulate Black Spirit's Rage, we will change it to be used as a "single strike killer".
We plan to post details of this adjustment in the future.

· Determination effects of some skills were deleted during 2018.05.09 update.
We have received a lot of responses from many adventurers, with the opinions that they die too much in PvP after this change.
Therefore, we plan to decrease PvP damage of all classes, so that you will be able to enjoy PvP longer.

· We plan to add new "Rage Absorption (Common)".
Current Rage Absorption remains intact with the intrinsic skills of the class, so the new Rage Absorption (Common) will increase the AP and Attack or Casting Speed, when applied.
It is planned to allow the selection of skills that you want to use your Rage Absorption for, by locking those that you don't want to use it for in a Skills window (K key).
In addition to that, if the skill will not be locked, the new Rage Absorption (Common) will be used preferentially.

· As the result of sustained internal tests, judging that it makes it very difficult to enjoy the game, we will hold the implementation of change that 1 Skill cannot have both abnormal state effect (Stiffness, Stun, Knockdown, etc.) and determination effect (Super Armor/Front Guard/Invulnerable) at the same time.
After doing more elaborated tests, we will do our utmost to make fighting more enjoyable.

Specification change on garden
● Added "Old Moon Fence"
· Character, with Farming level of Master 1 or higher, can rent Old Moon Fence from the "Old Moon Manager" in each big city.
· Old Moon Fence has 10 slots and takes less space than a Strong Fence.
● Added new "Magic Seed" item
· Characters, with Farming level of Artisan 1 or higher, can sometimes obtain Magic Seed from a Special Grade Seed/Hyphae.
· "Harvesting Magic Seed" and "Breeding" are only available to characters with Farming level of Artisan 1 or higher.
· "Magic Crops" can give you 5x harvests and will occupy the same amount of slots as the normal ones.
· Magic Seed can be obtained when breeding "Mysterious Crops". Breeding "Magic Crops" will yield you Magic Seed and stochastically fruits.

Specification change related to Node/Occupation war
● Changed to automatically withdraw camps 10 minutes before the Node/Occupation war start.
● Battlefield / amended to prevent camping from being used until the battlefield / occupied war has ended 10 minutes before the start of the Occupation Battle
● Changed Castle gate, so that the strike damage will not be applied through it from inside and outside.
※ Bombardment damage of a cannon is still applied through the Castle gate
● Fixed to display only the HP bar of the wooden fence, when climbing up the wooden fence
● Character's summoned beast will now disappear if you hit the Castle gate

Specification change concerning maid
● Changed the registration method of maids (Warehouse, Trade)
· After 2018.05.16 maintenance you can register maid by right-clicking on the contract.
※ You can right-click to use previously obtained contracts as well.
· The number of maids displayed in residence can be adjusted in "Settings" → "Game" → "Display" → "Maid Setting"

Specification change on monster
● Modified some of the monsters in following areas, so that their attacks don't cause abnormal state:
· Media
· Valencia
· Kamasilvia
● Changed Akuman Illusion Trap effect from "Knockdown" to "Stiffness"

Specification change on items
● Change the effect of Crystals from "Crystal +1" to "Extra damage + 10%":
· Magic Crystal of Infinity - Back Attack
· Magic Crystal of Infinity - Down Attack
· Magic Crystal of Infinity - Air Attack
· Magic Crystal of Infinity - Critical
· Magic Crystal of Infinity - Speed ​​Attack
· Magic Crystal of Infinity - Counter Attack
● Fixed to drop enhanced white/green grade weapons/armors and accessories

Specification change related to the background
● Fixed a phenomenon in which characters are caught in a structure in Histria Ruins

Specification change to quest/knowledge
● Fixed the phenomenon of unnatural movement of goblin workers, from "Why did the goblin escape?" quest, that ran away.
● Corrected text of "Thirst of unstoppable power" quest recommendation

Specification change concerning contents
● Fixed a phenomenon that Fairy Wings process did not apply normally, when started.
● Fixed problem that skill specialization reset could be applied to reset 3 or more skills
● Fixed problem that it was not possible to obtain Ancient Spirit's Powder, when Gathering level was between Skilled 5 and Artisan 1, when lumbering Moss Tree or Ringwood.
● Changed worker's "Construction Knowledge" skill to "Worker by Nature" skill
● Fixed to display special skills (Detect hostile adventurers, etc.) on pet registration item tooltips

Specification change concerning UI
● Modified Alchemy Stone recharging, so that you can see of how much durability will be restored with your registered materials.

Specification change concerning NPC
● Fixed camera perspective of some resident NPCs in Grana

Changes to specifications of characters
● Corrected the phenomenon that parts of the arm appear empty, while wearing [GA] Kibelius Gloves Four iron glove and Bheg's Gloves

Specification change concerning text
● Modified/Applied some of the words you reported

Unofficial Notes:

  • Added Shakatu's Box section in cash shop. Shakatu's Boxes for Pearls or for mileage event? - that's the question (probably the first one, otherwise why would they add a whole section for it).
  • Added Dragon Pet. For whatever reason its unique skill is "Young Griffon" (it's either mistake, or it will be exchangable with Griffons):
    • Unique skill: Young Griffon(Durability decrease resist)
    • Special skill: Detect hostile adventurers

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