BDO JP - 06.06.2018 Patch Notes

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BDO JP - 06.06.2018 Patch Notes

Postby KAMIKADzE » Wed 2018.06.06, 10:20

30k Twitter Followers Campaign

Period: 2018.06.06 Maintenance - 2018.06.20 Maintenance
Serial code:

[EV] Lauren family gift box x3

Gather eggs and get special furniture! (Plondor Goose Egg event)

Period: 2018.06.06 Maintenance - 2018.06.20 Maintenance

Patricio's night sale!

Period: 2018.06.06 Maintenance - 2018.06.20 Maintenance
TL/DR: 50 Energy -> 25 Energy consumption.

Video contest voting has started

Until 2018.06.11 23:59

Skills changes


Specification change on Olivia channel
● Added Skill EXP +20% effect

Specification change on World Boss
● Partial change of World Boss appearance schedule
· Changed 22:30 World Boss appearance time to 23:00 due to the problems with Node/Occupation wars going at the same time.
· Removed Nuvere & Kutum from 11:00 Wednesday (maintenance time), as instead added/reordered them to/with other Nuvere/Kutum respawn times.

Specification change on monster
● Adjust the droprate of field monsters in the Valencia/Kamasilvia areas:
【Target field】
· Demibeast Zone
· Titium Valley
· Desert Naga Temple
· Cadry Ruins
· Gahaz Bandits
· Crescent Temple
· Basilisk's Lair
· Taphtar Plain
· Rud Sulfur Mine
· Pilla Ku Prison
· Padus Post
· Polly's Forest
· Manshyaum
· Ronaross Forest
· Milumog Ruins
※ Droprate was increased overall, but it was increased to a different extent for different items
● Added "Goblin Chief Summon Scroll" to the drop list of Mansha Forest
● Added "Krogudallo's Origin Stone" to the drop list of Milumog Ruins

Specification change related to Node/Occupation wars
● Fixed dismantling and construction of the annexes to be performed normally before the start of Node/Occupation war
● Fixed a phenomenon in which message of forced exclusion is displayed intermittently, when killed by hostile guild member during Node war
● Mitigated phenomenon of teleportation at the start of Node/Occupation war, when near the fort
● Fixed problem that interaction with supply station is not displayed, when the war is not in progress

Changes to specifications of characters
● Changed so that the weapon is exposed by default on the character selection screen
● Fixed phenomenon that Vambraces appeared for a moment, when switching Striker to Avatar Plate state from standby state using 「Tab」 Key.
● Fixed phenomenon in which unnatural graphic of hair was expressed when wearing [KT] Lal Arcien Helmet
● Fixed phenomenon that weapon effects rarely disappeared when entering the field
● Modified characters to be equipped with Primary Weapon on character selection screen
● Fixed phenomenon that left arm looks unnatural in attack posture when wearing [LN] Apprentice Trader's Clothes/Alchemist's Clothes
● Added special action to [BD] Fragment of Nus costume
● Fixed unnatural mantle phenomenon when wearing [WR] Goyen costume and sword

Specification change concerning NPC
● Fixed phenomenon of flashing Contaminated Villager NPC in Calpheon, when it is running away
● Fixed phenomenon of Kuku Bird NPC, that appears near Calpheon, rarely flashing
● Fixed phenomenon that NPCs in unoccupied areas are greeting Guild Leader

Specification change concerning UI
● Increased the default size of Guild window
● Corrected the position and shape of round ring in equipment window, when wearing items
● Corrected information of hunting grounds drop in Drop Item Information window

Specification change on items
● Corrected phenomenon in which there was an error in the number of Cron Stones consumed during enhancement of some Flow IV items
● Reduced the required number of Palm Plywood, Elder Tree Plywood for polishing Alchemy Stone of Protection
● Fixed the displayed number of Sweet Honey Liquor that can be obtained from exchange of Precise Fairy Wing, Glistening Fairy Wings, Bright Fairy Wings.
● Fixed the amount of line breaks in [EV] Advanced Flask Box tooltip
● Fixed an issue with error message appearing, saying that it was not possible to purchase existing item, when you click to display another item in Secret Shop, when you lack Energy.
● Changed icons of Mysterious Crops/Hyphae
● Corrected to recover similar amount of EXP, when revived with Elion's Tears after dying with negative Karma, as is recovered with positive Karma
● Fixed Ran's Seal to be sellable to NPC shops
● Fixed 「Mysterious Golden Egg」 explanation.

Specification change on quest/knowledge
● Added new quest that can be accepted from 「Olleongtungtang Tushi」 in Sand Grain Bazaar, upon completion of which you will receive Sealed Book of Combat (1d)
● Changed objective of [Repeatable] Bold Investment quest from Kuku Bird Nest to Lavender Kuku Bird Nest. Along with this Kuku Bird Nests in Kamasilvia were changed to Lavender Kuku Bird Nests

Specification change concerning sound
● Renewed overall sound of Giant Chief Gehaku
※ Monster voice, sound effects, hit sounds, etc.
● Renewed sound of 「Giath」
● Renewed sound of 「Kelcas」

Specification change on graphics and background
● Fixed phenomenon that character could enter in objects in some areas of Calpheon
● Fixed inconvenient movement in Crescent and Desert Naga Temples caused by non-flat ground
● Fixed phenomenon that character could enter abnormal areas of AltiNova
● Fixed phenomenon that characters showed abnormal movement in a part of Heidel's terrain

Specification change concerning text
● Modified/Applied some of the words you reported

Unofficial Notes:

This time few additions related to Captain's War have caught my eye. It seems to be some sort of a Naval Battle. There's not a whole lot of info on it as of now, but it shouldn't be too difficult to guess on how approximately it'll look like, the only real question is - will it be massive (like Red Battlefield) or 1v1 Ship vs Ship or even some sort of tournament (like Arusha)? Unfortunately I haven't heard anything about it from Korea, so only time will tell us. In the meantime - start preparing your Ships and Crews, Eye Eye Captains!

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