BDO JP - 13.06.2018 Patch Notes

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BDO JP - 13.06.2018 Patch Notes

Postby KAMIKADzE » Wed 2018.06.13, 10:24

It seems that after the recent maintenance there are quite a few people receiving 「HTTPの通信状況が良くないため必要な情報の取得に失敗しました」 error after pressing the game Start button on the official website. If you're one of them - Reinstall Pmang common module (Click HERE to download Pmang common module).

Character model audition

Model reception period: 2018.06.13 Maintenance - 2018.06.27 Maintenance
GMs selection period: 2018.06.27 Maintenance - 2018.07.04 Maintenance
Award & prize presentation: 2018.07.04 Maintenance

Special event web page

Happy Birthday! Get a birthday cake on the creation date of your family!

Period: 2018.06.13 Maintenance - TBA

Get Valks Advice and Shakatu's Precious Box! Enhancement Daily login event!

Period: 2018.06.14 00:00 - 2018.07.18 23:59

Your fortune today! What? Fortune Cookie Event

Period: 2018.06.14 00:00 - 2018.06.27 Maintenance

Let's accomplish making friends! Guild subscription event!

Period: 2018.06.13 Maintenance - 2018.06.27 Maintenance

Video contest results

Skills changes


Specification change concerning confession system
● Added NPC confession/lover system
· If you succeed in confession after raising familiarity with a specific NPC, you can become a lover with that NPC. After becoming a lover you will receive a special title.
· Present function added to specific NPCs.
· By gifting items that can be registered on the market (Max price of accepted items - 50kk) you can increase amity with NPC.
· Items of interest, displayed for each NPC, will give more Amity compared to other items.
· 5 Energy is required to gift 1 item.
· You can confess to NPC after reaching 1000 Amity or more.
· NPC will tell you that it wants a little bit of time to think about your confession, and it will not answer you right away.
· You will receive reply to your confession via mail, after the maintenance.
· If NPC accepts your confession, it will become your lover and you will receive a special title. As instead, amity with that NPC will decrease by 10%.
· Special title "??'s Lover", will be displayed in a color different from the existing titles.
· If your confession will be rejected, you'll get nothing and amity with that NPC will decrease by 5%.
· All adventurers can try to confess.
Lover will be chosen from confessed adventurers at random on the basis of 『Amity of confessed adventurer/Total amity of all confessed adventurers』 ratio.
· Lovers relation will be maintained for a week, including title.
Adventurers in love relationships are unable to make additional confessions during this period, and other adventurers can confess to the corresponding NPC.
· If your lovers relationship with NPC is the highest, your lovers relationship will be extended for one week.
Once amity with NPC become low, it will choose a new lover based on the above selection criteria.
· When NPC that was in lovers relationship with you chooses a new lover, you will receive a farewell letter from that NPC.
· If you successfully confess to 5 NPCs at the same time, you will obtain "Cheater" title.
· If you successfully confess to 10 NPCs at the same time, you will obtain "Casanova" title (There are 9 females, 1 otter, 5 males - that should clear it up a bit, of what awaits you on your path to become Casanova).

【Gifts and Confessions target NPC】
Brego Williar
Grace Lauren
Elina Leight
Isobelle Encarosha
Dominic Eren
Santo Manzi
Annolisa Rosie

Click HERE for detailed confession/lover guide.

Specification change concerning Node/Occupation war
● Corrected to prevent building annexes too close to the Command Post.
● Changed to move to the Fort/Command Post at the start of Node/Occupation war, when the distance to your guild's Fort/Command Post is 100M or more.
● Fixed a phenomenon that the aiming display of the wooden fence set by the enemy flashes.

Changes to specifications of characters
● Fixed a phenomenon that part of the costume looks inflated, when some classes put away their awakened weapon
● Fixed an unnatural graphics phenomenon, when wearing both Kunoichi's Sicarios Armor and Le Vladian Underwear

Specification change concerning mounts
● Fixed phenomenon in which guild mark is displayed on the mast of Epheria Escort Ship, when using functions of Sausan Garrison Wharf NPC.
● Removed mounts purchase time limit from the horse market for convenience.

Specification change concerning contents
● Added production of Packed Old Moon Camping Anvil
※Added this content to the knowledge of Old Moon Camping Anvil

Old Moon Anti-corrosion Agent x10
Steel x20
Pure Vanadium Crystal x2
Polished Stone x2
Pure Mythril Crystal x15

【Tarif Town 2-2 street 1st floor Old Moon's Workshop】
Old Moon Anti-corrosion Agent x10
Steel x20
Pure Vanadium Crystal x2
Polished Stone x2
Pure Mythril Crystal x10

Specification change on items
● Added new Katan's Awakening Weapons
※ Katan's Awakening Weapon can be obtained from 「Black Spirit's Gift IV (Katan's Awakening Weapon)」 quest, that will appear after completing「Basims' Answer」 quest.
※ Katan's Awakening Weapon cannot be enhanced.
● Specified the exact rising resistance value of Talis Helmet/Taritas Helmet/Steel Taritas Helmet/Agerian Helmet/Zereth Helmet
● Removed the other races extra damage from [Combat] Trina Destroyer Axe
● Improved warehouse so that it can store High-Quality Wine
● Fixed duplicated description of Hunter's Seal and some other items

Specification change on graphics
● Added a passage to the roof of the Media Castle building
● Added a detour way to the command post in the building next to the 2nd castle gate in Media Castle
● Fixed color of sewer water around Calpheon Castle

Specification change on monster/NPC
● Fixed phenomenon that Quint death message was displayed instead of Muraka death message
● Changed to show range of Guild Raid Boss 「Ancient Puturum」's powerful attack after energy filling with red circle
● Changed notification of Histria's Power Tower's, summoned by the Guild Raid Monster 「Ancient Puturum」, attack to a different effect instead of red circle
● Fixed Histria's Power Tower, summoned by the Guild Raid Monster 「Ancient Puturum」, to be invincible to the attacks of other guilds members fighting 「Ancient Puturum」
● Fixed phenomenon that 「Valencia Elephant(♀)」 could knock back characters three consecutive times or more in a row
● Fixed phenomenon that you could receives damage before the appearance of Bell World Boss
● Changed monsters of the Desert Naga Temple in Desert of Valencia to not drop Black Magic Crystals
● Remove Black Magic Crystals from drop item information of Desert Naga Temple
● Change the position of Weita Island's Node Manager Dane
● Changed Tarif Town NPC Thyshelle Arms NPC to exchange Seal of the Hunter on Black Stones, etc.

Specification change concerning UI
● Adjusted interval between character's class and name on guild members list
● Increase the number of menu items that can be edited in My Menu of the new ESC menu from 13 → 16
● Changed 「Change Channel」 and 「Edit UI」 menu items of the new ESC menu to the fixed upper row of menu
● Added block menu keyword to the Community items of the new ESC menu
● Save menu setting of New ESC menu changed from fixed upper menu to content menu
● Easy shortcut key menu of new ESC menu changed from fixed upper row of menu to Info/Convenient menu
● Added information of being acquirable from Media area to the tooltips of the following items:
・Lost Magic Asura Necklace
・Lost Magic Asura Earring
・Lost Magic Asura Ring
・Lost Magic Asura Belt
● Added Lost Magic Asura accessories to the drop list of the following areas:
・Abandoned Iron Mine
・Abandoned Iron Mine Rhutum District
・Abandoned Iron Mine Saunil District
・Abandoned Iron Mine Entrance
・Helmets Post
・Elric Shrine
・Canyon of Corruption
● Fixed phenomenon that POP housing production information on the World Map doesn't disappear, when the World Map is closed with M key
● Fixed phenomenon that POP worker information on the World Map doesn't disappear, when the World Map is closed with M key
● Fixed phenomenon that NPC information, displayed by hovering over the NPC in the opened nearest NPC UI, remained, when opening and closing World Map
● Adjusted the draggable area of the windows, that appear at the time of opening special items (such as random boxes)
● Adjusted the click range of check boxes in the windows, that appear at the time of opening special items (such as random boxes)

Specification change on the map
● Changed Weita Island's terrain
● Improvement the path guidance inside Shakatu's Villa
● Fixed problem that rarely you could not pass though the opened house door
● Fixed phenomenon that wheels of carriage are buried under the ground in Grana

System specification change
● Fixed an issue that Enter was used with Y key instead of the ↓ key, when using game pad

Specification change concerning text
● Modified/Applied some of the words you reported

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