BDO JP - 04.07.2018 Patch Notes

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BDO JP - 04.07.2018 Patch Notes

Postby KAMIKADzE » Wed 2018.07.04, 05:45

Useful Login Bonuses for New/Returned Adventurers!

Period: 2018.07.05 00:00 - 2018.10.13 23:59

Character model audition results

Swimsuit wear memorial! WebMoney campaign

Period: 2018.07.04 00:00 - 2018.07.18 Maintenance

Skills changes


Specification change on monster
● Combined World Boss Monster HP (single HP bar for same bosses on all channels).
Also removed the prevention of channel movement during World Bosses.
※Item acquisition conditions were not changed, it is judged separately on each channel by the damage of adventurers that participated in that channel.
● Added viewpoint conversion button when approaching some of the World Boss monsters (Kzarka, Nuvere, Karanda, Kutum, Quint, Opin)
※Pressing the corresponding button will make it possible to play from a more distant viewpoint.
● Added awakening boss summons to the Kamasilvia area
Now you can select and receive awakening boss summon fragments upon completion of the quest.
Also, you can acquire knowledge with a certain probability, after killing awakened Kamasilvia boss.
● Fixed a problem that could be sighted in the air around the Opin World Boss

Specification change concerning Occupation/Node wars
● Fixed phenomenon that Balenos/Serendia NPC greeted Lord of Calpheon
● Corrected some unnatural behavior when the same guild members were divided into opposing groups in militia participation

Specification change concerning Telumian Waterpark
● Changed King Clam respawn from 4 hours to 2 hours
● Changed to make it easier to catch Mudskipper in Telumian Waterpark
※It does not effect the chance of catching Telumian Octopus.
● Change the probability of Telumian Harpoon fishing reward items
※Increased the chance of catching 「Great King Itomakiei」 and 「Breezy Conch Seaweed」 by about x3 in comparison to the chance before 04.07 maintenance
● Adjusted to make it easier to climb floating stones (platforms) of Telumian Towers
※Adjusted the position and movement speed of some floating stones (platforms)
● Fixed a phenomenon in which mini game UI was displayed after succeeding in hammer game and repeatedly pressing space key
● Changed Telumian NPC 「Rose」 to prevent exchange of items via R key

Specification change concerning mounts
● Added new Sailboat equipment:
Epheria Sailboat: Water Prow
Epheria Sailboat: Lightweight Black Plating
Epheria Sailboat: Ares Cannon
Epheria Sailboat: Blue Wind Sail
※Added production to Epheria's Ship Part Workshop stage 4.

● Changed values of the existing Sailboat equipment items:
Enhancement valueEpheria Sailboat
Dragon Prow
Epheria Sailboat
Strengthened Black Plating
Epheria Sailboat
Elena Cannon
Epheria Sailboat
Black Wind Sail
UnenhancedMovement Speed +4Weight +150, Movement Speed +2AP 22Max Power +2000, Turn +2, Movement Speed +4
+1Movement Speed +4.8Weight +170, Movement Speed +2.2AP 24Max Power +2400, Turn +2.4, Movement Speed +4.5
+2Movement Speed +5.6Weight +190, Movement Speed +2.4AP 26Max Power +2800, Turn +2.8, Movement Speed +5
+3Movement Speed +6.4Weight +210, Movement Speed +2.6AP 29Max Power +3200, Turn +3.2, Movement Speed +5.5
+4Movement Speed +7.2Weight +230, Movement Speed +2.8AP 32Max Power +3600, Turn +3.6, Movement Speed +6
+5Movement Speed +8Weight +250, Movement Speed +3AP 35Max Power +4000, Turn +4, Movement Speed +6.5
+6Movement Speed +8.8Weight +270, Movement Speed +3.2AP 38Max Power +4400, Turn +4.4, Movement Speed +7
+7Movement Speed +9.6Weight +290, Movement Speed +3.4AP 40Max Power +4800, Turn +4.8, Movement Speed +7.5
+8Movement Speed +10.4Weight +310, Movement Speed +3.6AP 42Max Power +5200, Turn +5.2, Movement Speed +8
+9Movement Speed +11.2Weight +330, Movement Speed +3.8AP 44Max Power +5600, Turn +5.6, Movement Speed +8.5
+10Movement Speed +12Weight +350, Movement Speed +4AP 46Max Power +6000, Turn +6, Movement Speed +9

● Fixed problem that pets did not collect some items from ocean monsters when they were riding on ship
● Changed the explanation of the skills-related stable UI

Specification change on items
● Fixed an issue that you could not exchange improved Elsh weapons using the Primary Weapon Exchange Ticket

Specification change concerning contents
● Added NPC that can exchange Sweet Honey Liquor
Fairy Queen Teia's Fairy species can be exchanged on Sweet Honey Liquor by NPC Shierin
Fairy Game Guide
● Added swimsuit setting function to equipment window
Swimsuit worn area is the same as other underwear, but unlike other underwear, other adventurers can see your swimsuit in safe areas, except residence.
● Changed to not display Black Spirit's Rage 100%, 200% state auras to other adventurers.
● Added 2 new social actions
● Fixed phenomenon that Fairy UI is displayed to new character of adventurer that has fairy during tutorial progresses

Specification change related to guild
● Fixed to be able to store [Guild] Wind's Crystal, [Guild] Wind's Source, [Guild] Wind's Tears items in [Guild] Galley's Storage

Specification change on graphics
● Fixed phenomenon in which part of the hair behind the head was causing problems, when wearing [MT] Epheria Marine Helmet
● Fixed phenomenon in which graphic of the cloth behind Bloody Rain costume was broken in the middle, when wearing [LN] Bloody Rain costume and Lemoria Shoes
● Fixed graphic problems with some of the Ranger hairstyles
● Fixed so that blue highlight are displayed, when cursor is applied to whole jaw adjustment (white circle under jaw) in face customization
● Corrected and unnatural phenomenon of character being reflected in the water, when swimming in ocean
● Fixed phenomenon that client rarely crashed during character customization
● Corrected phenomenon that shadow became dark with specific game settings
● Fixed phenomenon that quest outline was displayed abnormally, when cursor was hovering quest displayed on the minimap
● Corrected phenomenon that Arusha's Stadium was not displayed correctly on the World Map

Specification change concerning sound
● Delete voice that occurred when character summoned bosses

Specification change concerning text
● Added guidance to [Daily] Sweet Labour's Master quest, that Energy is required for mini-game
● Added some explanation to Premium Horse Appearance Change Ticket
● Added increased swimming speed to the description of Shark and Teombeongteombeong Fishing costumes
● Modified/Applied some of the words you reported

Unofficial Notes:

Added Darkness' Source and Light's Source (+Purple's Greed, Dark Blue's Hatred, Blue's Love, Green's Fun, Yellow's Sorrow, Vermillion's Anger, Red's Pleasure, Inferior Lock's Key, Telumian's Darkness Teleport, etc. etc. and the related quests) for the MoS event.

Cash shop:

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