Limited support during the end of July(07)-August(08) 2018

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Limited support during the end of July(07)-August(08) 2018

Postby KAMIKADzE » Mon 2018.07.09, 17:18

Closer to the end of this month (prior departure date - 26.07) I'm going on a planned trip. I expect to be back in 14-28 days. During this period of time:
  • Forum account removals and aid in their creation/edition will be postponed till the end of August.
  • Launcher development will be put on hold, including any emergency updates related to BDO.
    In theory - I will be able to find some time for minor updates, bu my PC isn't transportable, to say the least, and I don't have any plans on sponsoring descent laptop for myself + setting everything up in the remained time =D so let's just hope that there won't be any major changes to BDO during that time.
  • [JP] KAMI+Official EU/NA (Mix) BDO language patch will get temporarily outdated, unless there will be someone willing to update and post it as a reply, while I'll be out of it. Don't forget that you will be able to auto-patch loc file regardless of it being outdated (check FAQ#7 for more info).
  • Most likely I'll keep posting BDO JP News, excluding cash shop videos + it might take me a while to translate the patch changes, especially if I'll be somewhere without a descent internet connection and a device with a physical keyboard during that time, so I'll probably just copypasta google-translated version (I will replace it with a proper translation at some point).
  • I will grant moderation rights to the Bot account, which I'll use during my trip, instead of the account I'm currently posting from. This is primarily for the Forum security reason.
    I will try to clear moderation queue as soon as it will be possible.
  • For the above^ reason - all PMs that I will get during that period of time will get reply only after I'll be back.
    You can always try to seek for the next level knowledge of the Bot instead =D .
  • Contact forms and mails will get reply as soon as it will be possible.
  • It will be a lot easier to earn a *BANANA* (min. till the end of August) instead of warnings. Don't try to break the Rules.

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