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Postby KAMIKADzE » Wed 2018.07.11, 03:55

Caravan routes:

Caravans can travel in either direction. They will make a long stops on Nodes and short stops while traveling through the desert. Their overall movement speed is quite slow.
Exact Node stop locations:
  • Ibellab Oasis
    At the South, near the Stable and other NPCs.
  • Sand Grain Bazaar
    Near the stairs on the South-East exit to the desert.

How to and how to not kill Caravans:

There are no "wrong" ways, just a bad way and a variations of correct way that suit specific classes.


Killing whole caravan, like that one on the picture above^, will cost you exactly 350k Karma on BDO JP server.

  • Desert Trader:
    • Great Merchant's Ring Piece
      You can use it to create Great Merchant's Ring.
      Great Merchant's Ring increases your bidding chance on the Market.
    • Blue Whale Molar
    • Blue Whale Tendon
    • Various Gold Bullions
    • Various Trading Items
  • Merchant Priest/Combatant/Archer:
    • Gold Bullion 1G
    • Silver

Reasons to kill caravans:
  • Great Merchant's Ring Piece.
    But note that the chance to get it is extremely low, to say the least.
  • Reliable "pass" to Muikun (aka Muiquun).
    -50k Karma will let you to not only visit Muikun, but it will also be enough to finish at least few of the quests there.
    It is pretty much the only "fast" option aside of PKing random players to get to the negative Karma from 300k positive.
  • Muikun Caravan Raiding quests

  • Use HP Potions to stay close to your Full HP, especially after going negative Karma.
    It might not be obvious, but you might encounter other players while you're in the process of killing caravan.
  • It will be hard to miss caravan if you will get close enough to them, as you'll notice a huge cloud of red dots on your minimap.
  • Increase your Resists values (excluding Grab).
    They have a very high chance to cause abnormal states (CC) + there are a lot of them. It's not a PvP, there's no such thing as a 5 sec cooldown after 2 applications.

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