BDO JP - 18.07.2018 Patch Notes

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BDO JP - 18.07.2018 Patch Notes

Postby KAMIKADzE » Wed 2018.07.18, 10:52

With the addition of Gamose World Boss during 25.07 Drieghan implementation, World Boss respawn times table will be changed (for more info check World Bosses respawn time).

One more thing worth mentioning - Telumian titles were distributed, so in case you didn't receive it - contact GMs.

Wish to the night sky event achievement reward! EXP event

Period: 2018.07.18 Maintenance - 2018.07.25 Maintenance
Combat EXP +100%
Skill EXP +20%
Mount EXP +10%
Sailing EXP +10%

There will be a separate icon displayed for Mount EXP, but the effect won't duplicate - it will be +10%.

Exchange horses for Fantasy Horse materials! Horses delivery event!

Period: 2018.07.18 Maintenance - 2018.08.01 Maintenance

Skills changes


Specification change related to guild
● Increase the maximum guild quest experience value reward

Specification change related to Node/Occupation wars
● Partial change of Node/Occupation wars
※ Check Node/Occupation war guide for the details.

Balance adjustment for Node/Occupation wars
● Increased damage dealt to Castle gate by Elephant's normal attack, Horn Attack, Forefoot Kick, Charge, approximately by 30%
Decreased the number of Elephant's Charge skill strikes against Castle gate, Command Post, Annex, from 16 → to 8
● Increased damage dealt to adventurers by Elephant's normal attack, Horn Attack, Forefoot Kick, Charge, approximately by 20%
● Elephant's normal attack, Horn Attack, Forefoot Kick, Charge, now apply additional damage to Cannons
● Increased damage dealt to Castle gate by Cannon, approximately by 300%
● Increased damage dealt to adventurers by Cannon, approximately by 400%
● Increased Cannon's DP by 100%, Durability approximately by 900%
※ Cannon can be more easily destroyed with horses and elephants.
● Increased damage dealt to Cannons by Horses, approximately by 700%
● Increased damage dealt to Post/Fort by Horses, approximately by 500%
● Increased Siege Defense Tower's DP by 50%, Durability approximately by 900%
※ Siege Defense Tower can be more easily destroyed with horses and elephants.
● Decreased the durability of inner and outer Calpheon/Media Castle gates, approximately by 50%
● Increased the height of Wooden Fence and Medium Siege Towers, approximately by 40%
● Increased Movement Speed of Medium/Large Siege Towers, that can be used during Occupation war, approximately by 50%
※ Medium/Large Siege Tower can be more easily destroyed with horses and elephants.
● Increased Flame Tower's damage dealt to adventurers, during Node/Castle wars, approximately by 50% and fire damage, during Node/Castle wars, approximately by 20%
● Shortened the production time of the following items, that can be used during Node/Castle wars:
Medium Siege Tower Workshop: 15 min → 10 min
Large Siege Tower Workshop: 20 min → 15 min
Flag of Determination Manufactory: 30 min → 15 min
● Changed to remove character's corpse as soon as it dies, during Node/Castle wars
※ This means that it is impossible to resurrect character with emergency treatment kit, resurrection skill, etc.
※ Added ally viewpoint display function, that can be used during revival time. You can move between allies viewpoints with F5 key.
● Adjusted prices of items sold by Guild Ammunition Manager:
[Guild] Siege Defense Tower: 150,000 Silver → 500,000 Silver
[Guild] Wooded Fence: 100,000 Silver → 500,000 Silver
[Guild] Barricade: 25,000 Silver → 50,000 silver

Specification change concerning Telumian Waterpark
● Changed the number of Telumian Pearls that can be earned from quests and challenges from 1 to 2
※ Challenge will give 2 Pearls starting from 19.07 19:00.
● Increase the drop rate of the following MoS quest items:
・Red Mercury
・Samoga's Fang
・Golden Mirage
・Lacquer Black Dust
※Increased by x25 - x80
● 「Thousand Loafs Flask」 can now be produced regardless of Alchemy lvl
● If someone will interact with 「Feel of Desire」, during 「Purple's Greed」 quest, and changed to move quickly to a specific camp position
※Because it moves very fast, it is necessary to deliver items in a short timeframe after the interaction.
● Adjusted difficulty of the following MoS quests:
· [EV] Missing meat → Changed 30 Beef quest requirement to 5 Beef
· [EV] Unscrupulous Stone → Changed quest requirement to Gemstone
· [EV] Glove that can catch the fire → Changed 50 Clear Liquid Reagent requirement to 5 Clear Liquid Reagent
· [EV] Gloves used by the blacksmith → Changed 50 Supreme Tough Hide requirement to 3 Leather, 50 Flax Fabric requirement to 10 Flax Fabric
· [EV] In order to include the power of water → Changed 100 Distilled Water quest requirement to 20 Distilled Water
· [EV] Memory of that day → Changed to be able to accept quest at any time (previously it was possible only during night time)
· [EV] Unfinished mission → Changed 100 killed pirates on the Pirate Island quest requirement to 50
· [EV] Casualty of the magnetic field → Changed to be able to accept quest with item obtained from the 5th Telumian Tower
· [EV] Darkness' Source → Changed items, necessary to hear 3rd Guardian, to items that are easy to purchase

Specification change concerning mounts
● Modified to update UI title, when using Mount's inventory UI
● Fixed problem that it was possible to put checkmark for warehouse silver, when using stable in areas without warehouse

Specification change concerning contents
● Added 8 new titles that can be earned through hunting
【Hunting monster to target】
· Giant Elk
· Giant Boar
· Giant Brown Bear
· Giant Wolf
· Giant Fox
· Valencia Giant Lion(♀)
· Valencia Giant Lion
· Valencia Giant Goat
※ Title can be acquired by killing specific amount of monsters mentioned above^
● Added transportation route between Sand Grain Bazaar and AltiNova

Changes to specifications of characters
● Fixed phenomenon that graphics collapsed, when wearing Giath's Helmet on Ranger
● Fixed phenomenon that graphics of the right shoulder of [WT] Pila Fe Outlaw costume collapsed, with applied specific Witch customization
● Fixed phenomenon that worn [BD] Martillo Swimsuit looked unnatural
● Fixed phenomenon that part of [BD] Martillo Swimsuit was torn
● Fixed phenomenon that graphics of [MT] Kalsyutain costume jacket collapsed, in the awakening state
● Fixed phenomenon that graphics of [KN] Kokoro costume jacket collapsed, while wearing [KN] Kokoro costume and swimwear
● Fixed phenomenon in which Epheria Marine costume looked unnatural on Ran/Mystic, while wearing Epheria Marine costume and some underwear
● Fixed phenomenon that Giant's forehead broke through [GA] Atanis Helmet with specific customization
● Fixed phenomenon that shots of some skills where not displayed on the screen for shooter/spectator during the shooting action

Specification change on items
● Added cooking knowledge for:
· Yakitori
· Finely Chopped Chicken Meat
· 5 Grain Rice with Chicken
· Apprentice's 5 Grain Rice with Chicken Cooking Box
● Added Sweet Honey Liquor exchange NPC name to the tooltip of Fairy (Laila)

Specification change on monsters
● Adjusted the viewing angle of the World Boss Monsters viewpoint conversion
● Adjusted the location and behavior of Khuruto Child
※ Decreased tracking distance, approximately by 40%
● Improve the behavior of Soldier's Grave monsters
● Adjusted Milumog Destroyer Opin World Boss' HP
※ Opin's Root/Opin/Opin Tete: HP -30%
※ Opin's Barrier: HP -50%

Specification change concerning UI
● Adjusted 「Black Desert Lab」 menu icon to stand out
※Added 'NEW' to the Black Desert Lab icon in ESC menu
※Added Black Desert Lab to recommended content in new ESC menu
● Changed images of 「Take Out」「Check In」「Remote Collection」 buttons in Wharf
● Fixed phenomenon of Cox Prison name and HP bar overlapping
● Removed 「?」 Icon from the expiration period extension window (extension of lantern period, etc.)
● Fixed to prevent +/- from appearance in expiration period extension window (extension of lantern period, etc.) for expireable items that don't overlap
● Fixed to display message of the lack of black stones in enhancement window, when there is not enough black stones for enhancement
● Fixed phenomenon that you could receive only one item from the transport list, when clicking "Get All" button
● Removed the animation that occurred before error message, when trying to polish Alchemy Stone, that is already at a max polished state, and changed to display error immediately
● Fixed phenomenon that you could hear Black Spirit's announcements even if you turn them off
● Fixed to display the modified shortcut key in item's tooltip
● Fixed button of using warehouse silver to be inactive, when opening Horse Market from Stable in an area without Warehouse
● Changed to not display the notification of Premium Package, Blessing of Kamasilve, Pallets of Merv, etc. expiration during the day on which you have already closed expiry balloon

Other specification changes
● Fixed phenomenon that the game screen rarely turned purple

Specification change concerning NPC
● Added new 「<Herb Vendor> Mano」 NPC to Valencia City
● Adjusted the position Phirea NPC (Node Manager of Keplan Quarry)

Specification change concerning text
● Corrected the displayed number of required subjugations in [Subjugation] Protect the Villagers Guild quest
● Modified/Applied some of the words you reported

Cash shop:

Some of the Marine Romance and Epheria Marine costumes were already released in the past, I have no idea why all of them were tagged as "NEW".
Also cash shop videos with costume(s) for each class are getting way too long, and there are few more confirmed classes that will appear in the future...

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