BDO JP - 25.07.2018 Patch Notes

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BDO JP - 25.07.2018 Patch Notes

Postby KAMIKADzE » Wed 2018.07.25, 05:46

Increased Wish to the night sky event achievement reward! EXP event Mount EXP from +10% to +100%
Get Guild Boss summon scrolls and titles! Node/Occupation wars event! rewards will be sent after the event end (changed from "after each maintenance").

And just a reminder that there is special Drieghan update web page.

Drieghan serial code:
BD3H 8ghH dDNG

Valid until: 2018.08.01 Maintenance
Sealed Drieghan's Treasure Chest x2
Drieghan's Gold Key x2

You can receive items worth of up to 20k Yen! Special login campaign!

Period: 2018.07.25 Maintenance - 2018.08.29 Maintenance
This is basically the usual New & Returned users daily login event, but this time without a convenient single-image rewards table provided by GMs, and I can't make one, since I don't fall under any of those categories, I'll be out of the game for almost the entire period of this event =D , that aside - go through the event page link to view rewards table.

Twitter gift campaign Vol.2

Period: 2018.07.25 Maintenance - 2018.08.14 23:59

Item presents for achieving Lvl 60! Trina Knights First Captain's battle support event!

Period: 2018.07.25 Maintenance - 2018.08.01 Maintenance

Let's get Drieghan's Treasure Chest! Drieghan Expedition Team event!

Period: 2018.07.25 Maintenance - TBA
Quest that can be done once per family name. Requires character with 50+ lvl

Special gift just now! Special login event!

Period: 2018.07.26 00:00 - 2018.09.19 23:59

Skills changes


Specification change concerning the new area "Drieghan"
● Added new area "Drieghan"
There are indoor/outdoor Hot Springs in Drieghan's Capital City Duvenkurun, that will give you +1 Energy recovery effect.
Max 5 adventurers can receive Energy recovery effect from indoor Hot Springs, and 10 from outdoor Hot Springs (e.g. if there are already 5+/10+ players in Hot Spring - you will not receive the buff, but if some of them leave and there will be less than 5/10 players - you will get the buff).
Characters of lvl 58+, with completed 「Center of Kamasilve」 quest, can accept Drieghan's area main quest from Black Spirit.
● Added new titles related to Drieghan area
● Added chance to obtain Remains of Black Energy from monsters in all hunting grounds, which can be used to produce Purified Remains of Black Energy in Duvenkurun Weapon Workshop, which in its turn can be used as a production material for Hesedo Crystal or to recover Max Durability of Dragon Slayer Weapon (New Awakening Weapon).
※ You can obtain Remains of Black Energy with a slightly higher chance in Drieghan area.
● Added 4,5 Tier Horses to Drieghan area
※ Horses with tiers lower than 4 will not appear in Drieghan area.
● Changed displayed loading (Login, Server/Char change) image to Drieghan area images.
● Added new quests related to Drieghan area
● Added new items that can be obtained with Tanning/Sap Collection, related to Drieghan area
● Added new World Boss 「Red Dragon Gamose」

Specification change on items
● Added higher lvl Adventurer's Old Book item - 「Jenga - Ancient Book of Sherekhan's Wisdom」
● Added following Marni's Stones:
・Marni's Stone (Gakutsumu Tribe)
・Marni's Stone (Sherekhan's Grave - Day)
・Marni's Stone (Sherekhan's Grave - Night)
・Marni's Stone (Tushira Ruins)
● Add a new item 「Dragon Scale Fossil」
Dragon Scale Fossil can be obtained in Drieghan area hunting grounds.
You can exchange Dragon Scale Fossil x30 on Valks Advice (+20) x1 at 「Valks」 NPC in Calpheon Capital.
● Added new production weapons 「Hyugol Awakening Weapons」 「Dragon Slayer Awakening Weapon」
Hyugol and Dragon Slayer Awakening Weapons can be produced in Duvenkurun Weapon Workshop at Duvenkurun 5.
Blueprint can be obtained from completing daily quest given by Duvenkurun's Blacksmith Hyugol.
Other materials can be obtained through processing and production.
● Added new blue grade 「Akum」 armors
Akum armors can be improved with Ultimate Armor Reform Stone.
● Added new Compound Magic Crystals (Makallode/Gerubishu/Fumu)
Compound Magic Crystal can be inserted in any socket. Insert x2/x4 of the same Compound Magic Crystal to receive set effect.
In the processing tab select Simple Alchemy and combine JIN/BON/WON Magic Crystal x1 + Compound Magic Crystal x1 + Gamose's Scale x3, to obtain Strong Compound Magic Crystal.
● Added 3 new accessories (Gakutsumu's Submission Ring, Ruins' Pupil Ring, Orukinrado's Belt)
● Added 2 new "Red-Black Fang's Crystal" crystals
● Added dishes and elixirs that can be produced with material from Drieghan area
● Added chearing action to the opening of Kzarka, Nuvere, Kutum, Dandelion, Dragon Slayer Boxes
● Corrected phenomenon that decimal fraction of weight was not applied properly to Napalet Camp

Balance adjustment on Occupation war
● Fort/Command Post/Field HQ built to participate in the Occupation war can now be built on the Occupation war day.
● Added Calpheon, Media, Valencia castle gate resurrection point, for characters that die during Occupation war, in order to reduce the time spent on resurrection + movement to the fight.
· Siege/Defending Castle gate's resurrection points are located in different places.
· After the siege guild destroys castle gate you will be able to resurrect near the castle gate (translated as it was, as there are no "Defending" in this sentence, and I'm unsure yet which one is called "Defending", just didn't want to guess and don't have the time to figure it out, basically you will resurrect near the first gate, but when/if it'll be destroyed you'll start to resurrect near the second gate).
● Changed so that cannons cannot be placed in the castle during Occupation war
● When guild, that holds 2+ Nodes, participates in the Occupation war and protects Fort/Command Post - it can take 2% of the territory taxes.
For now, the acquirable % of taxes will be 2% of the expected amount, excluding security maintenance fees.
Earned taxes can be received right after the Occupation war, when attacker's Fort/Command Post is destroyed.
Attacker can take up to 20% of the territory taxes.
If/When the attacker finally wins Occupation war, you will not receive % of taxes for protecting Fort/Command Post, but you will be able to collect existing taxes from the territory, excluding security fee.
If/When the defender eventually wins the Occupation war, you will be able to receive your collected taxes and taxes collected by attacker, excluding security fee.
If there are multiple guilds participating on the attacking side, each one will be capped up to max 20% tax limit, depending on the amount of participating guilds.
For example, if 3 guilds participate on the attacking side, you can earn a maximum of about 6.66% tax.
Defending guild, that succeeded in destroying attacking guilds Fort/Command Post/Field HQ and succeeded in protecting theirs, can acquire all of the territory taxes.
The rest of participating guilds cannot acquire taxes.
In addition, even if you destroyed Defending Castle Fort/Command Post/Field HQ, and could not occupy until the end of Occupation war - territory will be considered unoccupied and guilds that participated on the attacking side will not be able to collect taxes.

Specification change concerning UI
● Changed to reflect Fairy's 「Feather-like step」 skill for the Weight penalty warning
● Added function that enables automatic boarding, so that it is possible to ride boats easily, even when there are overlapping boats
※ If the ship is taken out from multiple Wharfs, you can move to the ship by clicking on the ship icon, and by clicking again you can grab the rudder.
● Fixed an issue that duplicating sounds were being output, after clicking on each of the filtering buttons in the upper-right inventory corner
● Added 「Stacked HP Gauge Indication」 function, that allows you to easily identify other adventurer's HP
※ You can turn this setting ON/OFF in Settings -> Game -> Display.
Displayed ColorHP
Dark Blue5001-6000

● Fixed so that the window screen size can be adjusted only during standby, because it caused some system functions to not operate properly
● Improvements related to phenomenon of Web content UI screen not displaying in game after the termination of Coherent UI_Host.exe
● Changed NEW and HOT menu icons in the ESC menu

Specification change concerning quests
● Added new Valencia storyline quest that will give you new "Proof of Seat's Power" ring as a reward
※ You can accept this quest from Valencia's NPC Purajin, with character that cleared Valencia Part I quests (including quest to exchange key of fake monument on ring) and Kamasilvia Part II.
● Fixed phenomenon that NPC Muis did not return to his original position, when someone abandoned Goblin with Pearl Oyster quest

Specification change on monster
● Added new hunting monster to Kamasilvia area
Killing that monster will decrease your Karma by 5.
● Added <Wild> Perika, <Wild> Perina and related daily Hunting quest, that can be obtained from Aker North Camp Blacksmith NPC Jasmin and it requires character of lvl 58+ with Hunting Professional lvl 1.
● Added <Wild> Belladona Elephant and related daily Hunting quest, that can be obtained from Aker North Camp NPC Security Guard and it requires character of lvl 58+ with Hunting Professional lvl 1.
● Added <Wild> Gazelle, <Wild> Black Leopard and related daily Hunting quest, that can be obtained from Baltara Western Mountains NPC Anika and it requires character of lvl 58+ with Hunting Professional lvl 1.
※ If you meet the requirement, but cannot take this quest - you should proceed with the main quest of Kamasilvia Part II.
● Added <Wild> Feathered Wolf, <Wild> Peunil and related daily Hunting quest, that can be obtained from Aker North Camp NPC Lucy Elmonet and it requires character of lvl 58+ with Hunting Professional lvl 1.

Specification change concerning mounts
● Added Escort Ship Sailor Contracts that can be used for Epheria Escort Ship
You can recruit sailors at Calpheon NPCs stores for amity.
Shops can be used with 500+ amity, and the capacity of Escort Ship depends on Sailor.
Purchasing contract costs 500 amity with NPC.
・Tarte at Gabino Farm: Tarte Human Sailor
・Khaora at Falsos Farm: Khaora Dwarf Boatman
・Bravant at Treant: Bravant Goblin Boatman
・Bercchio at Northern Wheat Farm: Bercchio Giant Boatman
● Added Professional Escort Ship Sailors re-contracts to Dias Farm NPC Tirol. Shop can be used with 500+ amity, and purchasing contract costs 50 amity with NPC.
You can update the remaining sailor's contract term using dedicated UI, that will appear after right-clicking on re-contract.
Re-contract extends sailor's contract time by 24 hours and you can extend contract time up to 7 days.
● Added quest to acquire skill for Professional Escort Ship Sailor, that can be taken from Epheria Port NPC Philaberto Falasi
Skilled: Quest can be accepted, if amity with relevant NPC is 1000+, character's Sailing lvl is Skilled 1 or higher and you have general Escort Ship Sailor contract.
Professional: Quest can be accepted, if amity with relevant NPC is 1000+, character's Sailing lvl is Professional 1 or higher and you have Skilled Escort Ship Sailor contract.
Cruise Level Specialized If more than one character has a skillful escort ship sailing contract, you can accept the quest.
● Fixed phenomenon that there was a problem with regular ship route at the Ancado Inner Harbor

Specification change on graphics
● Fixed phenomenon of missing graphics, when wearing [MT] Marine Romance costume and Zebra Underwear
● Fixed phenomenon of unnatural hand graphics, when wearing [VK][KN][DK] Marine Romance costume and Queen Heart Underwear
● Fixed phenomenon of unnatural chest graphics, when wearing [LN] Epheria Marine costume and Le Vladian Underwear
● Fixed phenomenon that chest looked broken, when wearing [LN] Florin costume

Specification change concerning text
● Added message to inform that locked items will be exchanged, during NPC exchange interaction
● Added Blood Collection and Tanning to the methods of obtaining item, in the description of Capra's Stone, Ancient Spirit's Powder (they were obtainable with Blood Collection and Tanning, it just wasn't mentioned in the item's description)
In the explanation of the powder item of Capricas, ancient spirit, because collection of blood was not collected at the acquisition destination, it was added because there was no statement of tanning
● Modified/Applied some of the words you reported

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