Igor Bartali's Adventure Journal

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Igor Bartali's Adventure Journal

Postby KAMIKADzE » Fri 2019.02.08, 19:04

Chapter 1:
  1. 02.01 (Max HP +3)
    Kill Cyclop in Cyclops Land (mob which you can encounter around Longleaf Tree Sentry Post)
  2. 07.01 (Max Stamina +5)
    Catch Grunt (it's a yellow grade fish that you can catch in sea near Velia/Olvia and nearby islands like Luivano)
  3. 11.01 (Max HP +3)
    Obtain knowledge of Earth Root Nymph (it will auto-complete if already obtained)
Chapter 2:
  1. 22.01 (Weight limit +2LT)
    Gather Meat from Elk around the Behr Town
  2. 23.01 (Max HP +3)
    Hunt Giant Brown Bear with a Matchlock (can be found on the mountains between Gray Forest/Treant Forest, Olvia/Florin, Media/Balenos)
  3. 26.01 (All Accuracy +1)
    Hunt Freshwater Crocodile with a Matchlock and gather Crocodile Meat (can be found in Lake Kaia)
  4. 28.01 (Inventory Slots +1)
    Give Old Tanning Knife to Likke Behr (Old Tanning Knife can be bought from any Material NPC)
  5. 02.02 (Weight limit +2LT)
    Use trade item from the Treant Town to investigate (it will auto-complete if knowledge is already obtained)
  6. 08.02 (Max HP +3)
    Fill the Treant Forest with the sound of splitting wood (Kill 20 Treants)
  7. 08.02 (Max Stamina +5)
    Check the stump that shines in the vicinity of Treants Forest hut (there is a white gloving ball NPC on the stump on the back side of the hut that is on the cross of the river on the path to Treant Forest node)
Chapter 3:
  1. 20.02 (Max HP +3)
    Get rid of the Crows that filled forest of the dead (Kill 10 Crows in Hexe Sanctuary)
  2. 26.02 (Max Stamina +5)
    Investigate building cursed by witch (it will auto-complete if knowledge is already obtained)
  3. 26.02 (All DP +1)
    Summon and kill the Witch
  4. 28.02 (Max HP +3)
    Try wearing Witch's Earring
  5. 30.03 (Weight limit +2LT)
    Find people in the Village of Time (Kill 20 Skeletons in Hexe Sanctuary)
Chapter 4:
  1. 05.04 (Max HP +3)
    Gather the first material (Silver Azalea x5)
  2. 06.04 (Max Stamina +5)
    Process the second material (Produce -> Heating -> Bottle of River Water -> Distilled Water x5)
  3. 09.04 (Max HP +3)
    Obtain Crystalized Blood during the process of gathering blood
  4. 11.04 (All Evasion +2)
    Find the last material for Love Potion (Gather Ogre Blood)
Chapter 5:
  1. 12.04 (Max HP +3)
    Create Highly-concentrated Herbal Juice
  2. 15.04 (Weight limit +3LT)
    Kill 30 Rhutum Fighters to get their fangs (can be found at Rhutum Outstation)
  3. 19.04 (Max Stamina +5)
    Gather 10 Cabbages (can be found at Gabino Farm near Calpheon)
  4. 21.04 (All Accuracy +2)
    Eat Knight Combat Ration
Chapter 6:
  1. 25.04 (Inventory Slots +1)
    Create or join Guild (it will auto-complete if already in guild)
  2. 05.05 (AP +1)
    Kill Quint (World Boss located in Quint Hill)
  3. 10.05 (Max Stamina +5)
    Complete Calpheon City Merchant knowledge theme (it will auto-complete if already obtained)
  4. 12.05 (Max HP +5)
    Solve the riddle and enter the correct answer in General chat (12)
  5. 22.08 (All Accuracy +1)
    Enhance Kalis Necklace to Long I and give it to Valks (enhancing is not a must, you only need to give it to Valks)
  6. 13.09 (Max HP +3)
    Try Horse Breeding
Chapter 7:
  1. 22.09 (Max HP +3)
    Use chemistry machine in Florin Town (can be found at the east of Florin Town near the mountains)
  2. 23.09 (Max Stamina +10)
    Gather Everlasting Herb (spread across the world in spots like the top of huge mountains)
  3. 25.09 (Max HP +3)
    Pay a visit to Murana Lynch with a Lost Lamb (Complete Lost Lamb quest that can be taken from Murana Lynch at Lynch Ranch)
  4. 04.10 (Weight limit +5LT)
    Give North Town Ruby Necklace to Islin Bartali
Chapter 8:
  1. 21.10 (Max HP +2)
    Try riding 4-wheels carriage by yourself (4-wheel carriages can be bought from Stable NPCs for a cheap price)
  2. 24.10 (Weight limit +2LT)
    Make Cold Draft Beer x5 (Cooking recipe: Sugar x1, Leavening Agent/Yeast x2, Grain x5 <e.g. Barley, Wheat>, Cooking/Mineral/Distilled Water x6)
  3. 03.12 (Max HP +2)
    Gather 5 Weasel Blood (can be found at Finto Farm/Forest of Plunder/Ehwaz Hill)
  4. 28.01 (All Evasion +1)
    Create Wise Man's Blood (Alchemy recipe: Monk's Branch x2, Trace of Ascension x1, Clear Liquid Reagent x1, Type 5 Blood x5 <e.g. use your 5 Weasel Bloods gathered above^>)
  5. 23.02 (All Accuracy +2)
    Borrow a Cannon from Tranan Underfoe
    How to clear:
    -Get Cannon and Ammunition from Tranan Underfoe dialogue (Cannon costs 10 energy, x10 Cannonballs cost 10 energy, you can get as much cannons as you want, but 10 should be enough for most)
    -RMB on Cannon and it will guide you to the correct placement position in Cron Castle.
    -Your targets are dummies at the south of island near the Cron Castle Tower (first big island to the north of Velia), place a target on them via RMB on the map. Shoot at the target over the Cron Castle at max angle and close to max charging power. You only need to hit 1 dummy to clear this quest.
  6. 03.03 (Max HP +10)
    Complete Adventure Journal and talk with Black Spirit
Chapter 9:
  1. 09.04 (Max Stamina +5)
    Combine Adventurer's Belongings
    How to clear:
    -Combine 3 items, that can be found in 3 caves from "Hidden Place" objects, in "-" shape to create Five Colors Pedant.
    -1st cave: North from Ancient Ruins Excavation Site, that overused Elric's cave for Ran awakening, Mysteries of Summer event, etc., placed in the main hall.
    -2nd cave: East from Giant Mud Monster Field Boss location, near the river.
    -3rd cave: North from Stonebeak Shore, near the sea. Has multiple entrances like overused 1st cave - in the ground near the Vagabond and from the cliff, placed at the bottom part of the cave near the map on the table.
  2. 12.04 (Max HP +3)
    Produce Grunil Armor in Armor Workshop (Brass Ingot x7, Fine Tought Hide x3, Black Stone Powder x10, Black Crystal x3)
  3. 21.04 (All Accuracy +2)
    Summon and kill Moghulis
  4. 02.05 (Weight limit +3LT)
    Win Knowledge Battle against Hailey (AltiNova; if you've already finished it then you will simply need to click on Hailey dialogue to complete the quest)
Chapter 10:
  1. 03.05 (Max HP +3)
    Sell Broken Golem's Core (can be obtained from Golems in Helmets Post, around Ancient Ruins Excavation Site/Stonetail Horse Ranch and with a very low chance from Ancient Weapons in Hasrah Ancient Ruins)
  2. 06.05 (All Evasion +2)
    Complete Creatures of Media knowledge theme (it will auto-complete if already obtained)
  3. 13.05 (Inventory Slots +1)
    Kill 10 Skeleton Kings summoned by Cartian Spell (Media Disco)
  4. 14.05 (Max Stamina +5)
    Kill 20 Hasrah Ancient Weapons (mobs which you can encounter in Hasrah Ancient Ruins)
  5. 24.05 (Max HP +3)
    Show High III: Asura's Red Eye Necklace to Ekta
  • The secret hidden in Adventure Journal
    Complete all quests and then talk with Black Spirit to receive Enchanted Parchment (+100)
Chapter 11:
  1. 25.05 (Weight limit +2LT)
    Craft Potato Crate
  2. 30.05 (Max HP +2)
    Connect Velia and Sand Grain Bazaar nodes
  3. 03.06 (Max Stamina +5)
    Drink Bag of Muddy Water excavated from the desert
  4. 07.06 (Max HP +3)
    Eat Valencian Special
  5. 07.07 (Max HP +2)
    Train your mind and body using scarecrow (Train with dummy using Book of Training)
    • For endless training
      Talk with Black Spirit and receive secret for training (Book of Training - Combat (1d) & Book of Training - Skill (1d))
Chapter 12:
  1. 10.07 (AP +1)
    Give 2 Ancient Creature's Fragments to Desallam (Ancient Creature's Fragment drops from Kutum)
  2. 12.07 (Max Stamina +5)
    Assemble Compass for the desert
  3. 20.07 (All DP +1)
    Use Desert Tent Tool to take a cover from sandstorm
  4. 27.07 (All Evasion +1)
    Ride a Camel in the desert
Chapter 13:
  1. 01.08 (Max HP +5)
    Kill Cadry Commander
  2. 09.08 (All Evasion +1)
    Kill Shadow of Gahaz
  3. 17.08 (All Accuracy +1)
    Kill Muskan's Brother (Agrakhan; Can be summoned using Agrakhan Summon Scroll, one of the daily boss scrolls)
  4. 21.08 (Max HP +5)
    Meet the butler of Shakatu's Villa (Serazad)
  5. 28.08 (Inventory Slots +1)
    Meet someone left in ruins (Ferry Keeper Torio at abandoned ferry located between Riyed Island and Ruined City of Rune, North-East from AltiNova)
  6. 31.08 (Weight limit +5LT)
    Ride on tamed Elephant (Dalgu Elephant)
Chapter 14:
  1. 05.09 (Max Stamina +5)
    Meet someone in Akuman Temple (Lonely Palieva)
  2. 10.09 (AP +2)
    Give 3 Desert Tyrant's Manes to Atui Balacs (Desert Tyrant's Mane drops from Nuvere)
  3. 16.09 (Max Stamina +5)
    Explore whole Valencia Desert (it will auto-complete if required knowledges are already obtained)
  4. 21.09 (Max HP +2)
    Meet all merchants in Valencia Capital (it will auto-complete if required knowledges are already obtained)
  • Secret hidden by the strong adventurer
    Complete all quests and then talk with Black Spirit to receive Enchanted Parchment (+100)
Chapter 15:
  1. 24.09 (All Evasion +1)
    Hunt the king of Valencia beasts and get his meat (Butcher Valencian Lion for meat; ordinary lion, not the hunting one)
  2. 29.09 (Weight limit +1LT)
    Complete the story of a boy and an old man (Palm Tree Boy questline; it will auto-complete if already completed)
  3. 04.10 (Max HP +5)
    Check ancient relics in the basement of Valencia Castle (Interact with the Ancient Artifact in Valencia Castle Ruins)

    There are multiple entry points to the basement of Valencia Castle, it doesn't matter through which one you'll enter. If you've never visited this place before, the easiest way to enter it will be either through Valencia Castle (if the gate is opened - go to the left part and you'll find the steps going down; shown at the bottom on the image above^), or simply point somewhere inside Valencia Castle on the map via RMB and it will guide you through one of the cave entries).

    Once you're there - go to center of the basement and fall through the hole^ to the lower level.

    Then go where the tallest part of the ruin is faced^.

    Then turn to the left.

    You'll enter a square room with collumns and wall in the center, so it doesn't matter if you'll go left or right, eventually you'll reach the right place, but going right will be faster, so unless you're sightseeing - go right.

    Enter the hole^.

    Turn right^.

    Interact with the artifact in the center.
  4. 05.10 (Max HP +2)
    Find Igor Bartali's traces in Valencia Castle (Interact with the Castle Wall at the top of the highest tower)
    Castle Wall location
  • Legacy for Adventurers
    Check legacy left by Igor Bartali (Receive Igor Bartali's Pendant Decoration quest item)
    • [Absorption] Igor Bartali's Black Spirit
      Tell Igor Bartali that preparations are complete (Complete to change the appearance of your Black Spirit)
      Black Spirit

  • RMB on the journal to view quests.
  • Each chapter has multiple quests on its pages. In order to turn the page press on the arrows in the bottom-left/right corners of the journal.
  • Complete the Goal to finish the quest.
  • After finishing the quest "Goal reward" will start glowing red - press on it via LMB to obtain permanent stats boost to all characters under your family name.
  • Complete all of the chapter quests and summon Black Spirit to obtain the next chapter.
  • Enchanted Parchment can be turned into equivalent Valks Advice by mixing it with a certain amount of Black Stones (Weapon & Armor).

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