[JP] 10.04.2019 Patch Notes

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[JP] 10.04.2019 Patch Notes

Postby KAMIKADzE » Wed 2019.04.10, 08:30

Beware: GMs are preparing a fix for the inability to withdraw items from "Black Spirit's Gift Box". When the fix will be ready GMs are planning to implement it on some of the channels (they'll rotate through all channels bulk-by-bulk), while other channels will be available for you to play, so keep your eyes on the chat, most likely GMs will announce channels shutdown beforehand.

Update: Starting times for channels maintenances were sellected:
  • All 1CH & 2CH - 2019.04.11 11:30 JP/Server Time (2019.04.11 02:30 GMT/UTC)
  • All 3CH & 4CH & Arusha - 2019.04.11 ~12:30 JP/Server Time (2019.04.11 ~03:30 GMT/UTC)

*BANANA* News: 1 player got warning, 2 players got temporary banana, 1 player got 30 days banana + silver/items removal.

GMs have sent "Blessing of Kamasilve (20d)", as an apology for the Shadow Arena shutdown, to those who have played before this maintenance via in-game mail.
Can be received from mail until: 2019.04.17 23:59

GMs have extended time for some of the durational cash shop items by 1 hour and sent Full-hearted Box III x1 to those who have logged in at least once since 2019.04.03 Maintenance via in-game mail.
Can be received from mail until: 2019.04.17 23:59

Welcome to Eli's Mysterious Water Festival!

Period: 2019.04.10 Maintenance - 2019.04.24 Maintenance
Event 5 application period: 2019.04.10 Maintenance - 2019.05.01 Maintenance
Event 5 examination period: 2019.05.01 Maintenance - 2019.05.15 Maintenance
Event 5 results: 2019.05.15 Maintenance

Skills changes



Cash shop:

Beginner Adventurer Support Package reappeared! Various discounts and packages!

Period: 2019.04.10 Maintenance - 2019.04.17/04.24/05.01 Maintenance

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