Receipt increase by Training lvl

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Receipt increase by Training lvl

Postby KAMIKADzE » Sun 2019.05.05, 17:04

KR/JP (2019.02.13)
Training lvlIncrease rate
Beginner Lv.1-100%
Apprentice Lv.11%
Apprentice Lv.21.1%
Apprentice Lv.31.2%
Apprentice Lv.41.3%
Apprentice Lv.51.4%
Apprentice Lv.61.5%
Apprentice Lv.71.6%
Apprentice Lv.81.7%
Apprentice Lv.91.8%
Apprentice Lv.101.9%
Skilled Lv.12%
Skilled Lv.22.1%
Skilled Lv.32.2%
Skilled Lv.42.3%
Skilled Lv.52.4%
Skilled Lv.62.5%
Skilled Lv.72.6%
Skilled Lv.82.7%
Skilled Lv.92.8%
Skilled Lv.102.9%
Professional Lv.15%
Professional Lv.25.3%
Professional Lv.35.6%
Professional Lv.45.9%
Professional Lv.56.2%
Professional Lv.66.5%
Professional Lv.76.8%
Professional Lv.87.1%
Professional Lv.97.4%
Professional Lv.107.7%
Artisan Lv.110%
Artisan Lv.210.5%
Artisan Lv.311%
Artisan Lv.411.5%
Artisan Lv.512%
Artisan Lv.612.5%
Artisan Lv.713%
Artisan Lv.813.5%
Artisan Lv.914%
Artisan Lv.1015%
Master Lv.120%
Master Lv.220.2%
Master Lv.320.4%
Master Lv.420.6%
Master Lv.520.8%
Master Lv.621%
Master Lv.721.2%
Master Lv.821.4%
Master Lv.921.6%
Master Lv.1021.8%
Master Lv.1122%
Master Lv.1222.2%
Master Lv.1322.4%
Master Lv.1422.6%
Master Lv.1522.8%
Master Lv.1623%
Master Lv.1723.2%
Master Lv.1823.4%
Master Lv.1923.6%
Master Lv.2023.8%
Master Lv.2124%
Master Lv.2224.2%
Master Lv.2324.4%
Master Lv.2424.6%
Master Lv.2524.8%
Master Lv.2625%
Master Lv.2725.2%
Master Lv.2825.4%
Master Lv.2925.6%
Master Lv.3026%
Degree Lv.1-5030%

Increase rate applies to all of the possible revenues from Horse Market (Selling Horse, Horse breeding, etc.)
Your current increase rate can be checked at ">>" toggle in the bottom-right corner of the Horse Market (it will be highlighted in this color).

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