[JP] 20.05.2020 Patch Notes

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[JP] 20.05.2020 Patch Notes

Postby KAMIKADzE » Wed 2020.05.20, 07:35

[Notice] Winners of Invitation to Black Desert Heidel Banquet AT HOME

[Notice] Supporter's notes bug fixed

[Event] A treasure hunting team that dreams of the strongest! (Period changed)

1st period: 2020.05.13 Maintenance - 2020.05.20 Maintenance (previously 2020.05.27 Maintenance)
2nd period: 2020.05.27 Maintenance - 2020.06.10 Maintenance

During event period various items will drop in additional areas:
ItemCurrent Drop AreasAdditional Drop Areas
Unknown Map PiecesRud Sulfur Mine
Pilla Ku Prison
Taphtar Plain (Centaurs)
Basilisk's Lair
Improved Compass PartsHistria Ruins
Akuman Temple
Gaipilashya Temple
Baltara's Eye of ProvidenceNaban Grassland (Gathering - Tanning)Blue Whale
Fugitive Khalk
All Hunting Monsters of Valencia (Gathering - Butchering)
All Hunting Monsters of Kamasilvia (Gathering - Butchering)
All Hunting Monsters of Drieghan (Gathering - Butchering)
Nak's Red TearManshyaum ForestNaban Grassland Wolfs
Marktanan's Poison GlandTushira RuinsPadus Post
Sherekhan's PanaceaSherekhan's GraveProtty Cavern
Ron's Spirit DropletsRonaross ForestShikuraia Undersea Ruins
Gakutunag of Gray HalfmoonRed Wolf VillageCadry Ruins

[Event] Goddess of Fortune is on my side!

Event 1. Scattered Shakatu's Gold bullions!
Period: 2020.05.20 Maintenance - 2020.06.03 Maintenance
Event 2. Connection UP? Gold bullion UP!
Period: 2020.05.21 00:00 - 2020.06.03 23:59
Event 3. Shake? Or you want to stop?
Period: 2020.05.20 Maintenance - 2020.06.03 Maintenance
Black Spirit's Adventure:

Event 4. Pokepoke~pokets, items, come out!
Period: 2020.05.20 Maintenance - 2020.06.03 Maintenance

[Event] Secret Shop! Patricio Store!

Period: 2020.05.20 Maintenance - 2020.05.27 Maintenance

[Event] New & Returned Adventurers, please receive Login Rewards!

Period: 2020.05.21 00:00 - 2020.06.24 23:59
*In the game period is stated as "2020.05.20 Maintenance - 2020.06.24 Maintenance", since I'm neither new nor returned - I have no idea which one of both is correct and if another one will be fixed later.



Unofficial Notes:

Few things for Velia's festival event were added. Main target here is Black Spirit's Present Event (365 Days Aged Beer). Story tells that the number of adventurers that decided to visit Velia's festival is higher than it was expected, so there's not enough beer. Deliver [EV] 365 Days Aged Beer to Igor Bartali in Velia and exchange it on one of the application tickets for lottery, that will be held after the festival.
  • x28 = GPU (RTX 2080 Ti) Application Ticket x1
  • x28 = 4th Gen iPad Pro Application Ticket x1
  • x16 = Galaxy Buds+ Application Ticket x1
  • x16 = Gamose Head Statue Application Ticket x1
  • x4 = Black Spirit Figurine USB Application Ticket x1
  • x4 = Black Spirit LED Dome Application Ticket x1
  • x1 = Black Spirit Plushie Application Ticket x1
Now whether we'll get this event or not is questionable, as event was supposed to run during this week, until 2020.05.27 Maintenance, probably we will, it'll just be tied to "Heidel Banquet AT HOME" in some way. Personally not looking forward to this event, as it only has physical rewards.

Also reworked Suedadd B costumes packages were added to the cash shop section, so most likely they'll appear 27.05.

Cash shop:

New Pearl Shop packages and products

Sale periods: 2020.05.20 Maintenance - TBA/2020.06.03 Maintenance

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