[Update] 04.09.2014

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[Update] 04.09.2014

Postby KAMIKADzE » Sun 2014.09.07, 19:38

• Two new eidolons have been added to the game! Bealdor and Kusanagi will be honored to join you on the battlefield.
• Certain eidolons can now be evolved to their 3-star form: Serif, Merrilee, Grimm, Alessa, Uzuriel, Yarnaros, Zaahir, and Kotonoha.
• The chance to receive key fragments from eidolon linking has been increased.
• Costumes for 2-star eidolons and some 1-star eidolons have been added.

• The new guild party system has been added! At certain times of the day, guild leaders and vice leaders can form a guild party to conquer foes together, for a chance at greater rewards. This is available for guilds level 5 or higher via a new NPC in your guild hall.
• Level 70 dungeon Otherworld: Crescent Hill has been added to Cactakara Forest. It is accessible from the portal at 250, 650.
• Level 65 dungeon Siege of the Aqua-Dragon Queen has been added to Demarech Mines. It is accessible from the portal at 565, 775.
• A new Solo Hard mode has been added to most dungeons.
• Sky Tower progress should now reset daily instead of weekly.

Systems and Miscellaneous:
• A refining NPC has been added to the guild hall (the nameless NPC will receive a name in a future update).
• The fishing system has been optimized. This includes changes to drops, experience gains, quest adjustments, and other miscellaneous changes.
• A tutorial has been added to the crafting system.
• A gameplay tutorial has been added to help new players.
• Auction house fees are limited to 10 gold per listing.
• The number pad keys can now be bound.
• The minimum level for trading and for sending mail has been increased to 35.
• The fishing event near the Whirlpool Abyss in Helonia Coast has been removed until further notice, as it was being abused by bots.

Bug fixes:
• World and Recruitment channels have been fixed.
• Potential points would occasionally be reset for some players after server resets. This has been fixed.
• Boosts to elemental damage will now show up on your Detailed List Offensive stats.
• Numerous localization fixes.

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