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by OneMoreNaab
Wed 2013.10.09, 19:14
Topic: KAMIKADzE's Gaming Channel
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Re: KAMIKADzE's Gaming Channel

Any news on when to expect you coming back? Seems like you are somewhere around here all the time, it's strange that complete zero videos are being uploaded.
by OneMoreNaab
Wed 2013.10.09, 18:56
Forum: Discussion
Topic: Offtopic
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Re: Offtopic

Yoli wrote:Just found out that Pirates of the Caribbean 5 will be released on July 10, 2015 =o
It's like waiting eternity.

If someone see this - I don't remember when but they announced that it will come out in 2016.
by OneMoreNaab
Wed 2013.10.09, 18:42
Forum: Public Polls
Topic: KGR #14
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Re: KGR #14

KAMIKADzE wrote:
Yoli wrote:Will it come eventually?

Yes it will 100%, but I can't give an exact date as I don't know myself.

tbh seems like it won't
by OneMoreNaab
Wed 2013.10.09, 18:33
Forum: News & Info
Topic: Korean CBT
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Re: Korean CBT

Any news on this one?
by OneMoreNaab
Wed 2013.10.09, 18:28
Forum: News
Topic: 08.10.2013 DoTA2 Update
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Re: 08.10.2013 DoTA2 Update

All the latest updates are unknown? Or you are just tired to write it all?
by OneMoreNaab
Wed 2013.10.09, 18:26
Forum: News & Info
Topic: [Update] 09.10.2013
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Re: [Update] 09.10.2013

So you say it is worth giving a try for this game? And if I will, what class/race should I go with?
by OneMoreNaab
Sat 2013.03.16, 21:01
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Allow comments in all the news.
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Re: Allow comments in all the news.

by OneMoreNaab
Mon 2013.03.11, 00:20
Forum: Class related
Topic: What class is The BEST?
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Re: What class is The BEST?

Destr all the way
by OneMoreNaab
Mon 2013.03.11, 00:18
Forum: Tavern
Topic: DoTA in La2...old memories
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Re: DoTA in La2...old memories

Good screens  :)

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