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by LithStud
Wed 2019.01.23, 16:23
Forum: Language patches
Topic: [RU] English patch with love from LithStud
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Re: [RU] English patch with love from LithStud

Hi, Thanks for the translation, but is there anyway i can edit it? theres alot of untranslated words. using Kamis launcher you could decrypt it into somewhat readable format. And yes i know there is a lot of untranslated stuff - thats because i simply port it from EU file these days - just not enou...
by LithStud
Mon 2018.12.31, 20:02
Forum: News&Changes
Topic: Happy New 2019 Year!
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Re: Happy New 2019 Year!

Have a good 2019! *ONIONSPA*

And thanks for keeping up with all the BDO shenanigans ;)

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