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Global Adventures

Postby KAMIKADzE » Sat 2018.01.13, 10:23

Name: Global Adventures
Genre: Action MMORPG
Publisher: Suba Games
Developer: Wicked Interactive Ltd./ Suba Games
State: CBT started 29.12.2017
Commercial model: F2P - Cash shop.

Offsite description (check offsite for more in-depth description, features, etc.):
Suba Games wrote:Buckle up for an unforgettable adventure around the world in the action-packed MMO Global Adventures! Embark on an epic journey as a member of the Treasure Hunters' Association (THA). Blast through difficult missions and massive bosses as you uncover hidden treasures that unlock powerful abilities ... but watch out for those who'd rather wipe out the THA!

I myself would describe the game as an Instanced Action MMORPG with a comical look at various conspiracy/alternative history around the globe. Although its story is based on the gags and memes, the actual gameplay is basically a Linear "TopDown"-style shooter (camera can be rotated - that's the reason why I quoted the term), with some "action-adventure" transitions and cutscenes with decisions.

So far that I played, the game seems very casualish and extremely easy - you can solo everything with one hand without using a single potion, let alone resurrection items that you get every now and then. I'm not even close to the endgame, so that might be just an initial impression, especially since the game feels a bit clunky. At the current state this game is highly-unpolished overall. Missing subs, wrong timing of voice-overs, voice-overs weren't recorded at studio (or at least it doesn't sound like they were :D pun intended), untranslated and/or missing text, and I don't even want to start with all the graphical issues. That said - the game is playable and without major bugs/glitches that would drive this game into an unplayable state (IMO), or at least I haven't encountered any. Basically if you'll want to start playing this game any time soon - be prepared to simply ignore constant minor issues (actually you should go and complain on the official forum about all of those, and try to ignore them afterwards).

I would say that the game is OK (it is in CBT state at the time of typing this post, so all of the flaws above^ will most likely get fixed before the actual release, if the game will survive long enough), and it's not like there's a lot of competition in this type of genre (if we would also count the comical side - then there's no competition at all, or at least I don't know of any).

The real problem of this game is its cash shop. If you want to take this game seriously then you should know that it is pay to win (e.g. cash shop costumes with descent stats, fastest mounts, skills slots, etc.), has fatigue/stamina system, VIP benefits. At this point in time it's hard for me to say how well it's balanced if at all, but as far as I heard - cash shop costumes/mounts are better than what you can get by F2P means, which will definitely influence PvP. Then again - the game is in CBT state at the time of typing this post, so it might change in a better or worse way, who knows.

More videos soon™

Would I recommend to play this game?
-If you're into this type of genre, then - definitely yes. It does have a lot of issues, but it is kinda unique, so it is worth a try.
-If you're not into this type of genre, but you liked what you saw in the videos, then - you can try it, but don't take it seriously, just play it every now and then for fun.
-If you can't stand the issues described above^, then - better wait for the release and then check it out, otherwise you'll simply uninstall it in a matter of minutes.

If there will be enough of interest in it, I'll add a separate sub-forum for this game. Let me know your thoughts on it.

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