[Update] 02.10.2014

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[Update] 02.10.2014

Postby KAMIKADzE » Thu 2014.10.02, 18:21

• Dragon Points Rewards system has been added. Earn rewards throughout the month with this tiered system. The more Dragon Points you collect, the more and better rewards you can receive! This resets monthly. Open your Adventurer's Encyclopedia for more information and to view your progress.
• Memorable Cuisine daily quest has been added. There's someone new in town! Find newcomer Daisy in Port Skandia; she needs your help with a special task. Earn Daisy's Gratitude Medals which you can exchange for stylish items in the Adventurer's Encyclopedia.
• Archaeology is here! Perform excavations all over Azuria. Earn the special currency which you can exchange for various goods at Archaeology vendors or exchange for some fun rewards in the Adventurer's Encyclopedia. Excavation sites change on a daily basis; talk to an Archaeology NPC for the schedule and for further details on how to excavate and earn rewards. GM Rheigah has written a handy guide.

Bug fixes:
• Custom Ancient Knight's Armor (F) can now be dyed.
• Word wrapping in some eidolon conversations has been optimized so words are no longer split.
• Numerous localization corrections.

Issues to be fixed in the nearest patches:
• Some of our archaeologists are a little confused. When you first speak to them, they may tell you that their dig site is available on a different day. For the correct days, please speak to any archaeologist and click through to the second dialogue page for the correct schedule.
• The top tier of the Dragon Points Rewards system is displayed as 400 Ruby Coins. The actual reward is 4,000 Ruby Coins. This is a typo which will be corrected ASAP.

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