BDO JP - 30.05.2018 Patch Notes

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BDO JP - 30.05.2018 Patch Notes

Postby KAMIKADzE » Wed 2018.05.30, 12:05

Hunting challenge! Valencia hunting event!

Period: 2018.05.30 Maintenance - 2018.06.13 Maintenance
Item distribution/contact time: 2018.06.20 Maintenance

Increased droprate of Black Crystal Sculptures and Pieces of Ancient Ruins event

Period: 2018.05.30 Maintenance - 2018.06.06 Maintenance

Black Desert Survey

Period: 2018.05.30 Maintenance - 2018.06.06 Maintenance

New function added to "Pmang application"!

Period: 2018.05.30 Maintenance - 2018.06.30 23:59

Following items were gifted to everyone during this maintenance:
· [EV] Armstrong's skills textbook (1d) x1
· [EV] Cliff's skills specialization textbook (1d) x1
※ The above items will be removed 2018.07.01 00:00, if you will not receive them.

The result of World Boss survey:
  • Question 1.
    World Bosses will have 5 opportunities to appear during 1 day.
    Please select one of the following options, as to which time zone combination will be the easiest to participate.
    ※From Monday to Sunday, World Bosses will appear during the set time.
    ※You cannot select the type of World Boss to appear.

    Answers percentage:
    1:30, 11:00, 16:00, 19:00, 22:3053%
    2:00, 11:00, 16:00, 19:00, 23:0029%
    2:30, 11:00, 16:00, 19:00, 23:3018%
  • Question 2.
    Which Day/Time is the easiest to participate?
    Select up to 5 options.

    Answers percentage:
    Friday 22:30-23:309%
    Saturday 22:30-23:309%
    Wednesday 22:30-23:307%
    Thursday 22:30-23:307%
    Sunday 22:30-23:307%
    Tuesday 22:30-23:306%
    Monday 22:30-23:306%
    Saturday 19:004%
    Sunday 19:004%
    Saturday 01:30-02:303%
    Sunday 01:30-02:303%
    Sunday 16:003%
    Saturday 16:003%
    Sunday 11:002%
    Friday 01:30-02:302%
    Friday 19:002%
    Monday 01:30-02:302%
    Wednesday 19:002%
    Wednesday 01:30-02:302%
    Saturday 11:002%
    Thursday 19:002%
    Thursday 01:30-02:302%
    Monday 19:002%
    Tuesday 19:002%
    Monday 11:001%
    Tuesday 11:001%
    Thursday 11:001%
    Friday 11:001%
    Monday 16:001%
    Wednesday 16:001%
    Wednesday 11:001%
    Thursday 16:001%
    Tuesday 16:001%
    Friday 16:001%
  • Question 3.
    Select up to 3 desired appearance days for "Opin" World Boss.
    ※"Opin" will appear 3 times per week.
    ※We will consider its appearance time according to your selections in Q2.

    Answers percentage:
  • Question 4.
    Select 1 desired appearance day for "Quint" and "Muraka" World Bosses.
    ※"Quint" and "Muraka" will appear once a week at the same time, as they did before.
    ※We will consider their appearance time according to your selections in Q2.

    Answers percentage:
  • Question 5.
    Select 1 of the following World Bosses, that you would like to participate the most.

    Answers percentage:
    None particularly12%

Skills changes


Specification change on market
● Increased the exchange price of some Flow IV, Dynamic V accessories and Dynamic V equipment (Primary Weapon/Secondary Weapon/Awakening Weapon/Armor)
(I can sense the incoming amount of controversy caused by this change)

Specification change on World Bosses
World Bosses will now appear at a certain time, and PvP will be disabled for 15 minutes after their appearance.
Before this change Bosses appeared randomly, and it was inconvenient for adventurers to wait for a long time, and it sometimes caused the server troubles due to a concentration of logins to specific channel.
The appearance at specified time and PvP disable time are our plan to solve those problems, and it is also a measure to eliminate the suffering of adventurers from unnecessary PvP during the World Boss raid.
As a result it should also improve the delay phenomenon.

● Changed World Bosses appearance condition
Click here for details
● Change the appearance time of ocean Boss Bell
※ It will appear every Sunday between 14:00-16:00.
Click here for details
(World Bosses respawn time table)

● Fixed a phenomenon that ocean Boss Bell could be damage before its appearance
● Changed so that the channel cannot be changed for 15 minutes after the appearance of the following World Bosses:
· Lord of corruption Kzarka
· Nuvere
· Karanda
· Ancient Kutum
· Muraka
· Quint
· Milumog Destroyer Opin
● Limited PvP on the channels where World Bosses appear
※ Red Battlefield and Arusha's Stadium can be used normally
· PvP mode cannot be activated on the channels where World Bosses appear.
· When World Boss appears, PVP is forcibly deactivated.
· When World Boss appears, duel is forcibly cancelled.
· You cannot apply for duel on the channel where World Boss appeared.
● Modified to be unable to apply for duel on the channel where World Boss appeared
※ If you are already in duel, it will be automatically forcibly cancelled after 15 seconds
● Changed the following World Bosses to disappear after 15 minutes, regardless of their remained HP:
※ It doesn't apply to summoned bosses.
· Lord of corruption Kzarka
· Nuvere
· Karanda
· Ancient Kutum
· Muraka
· Quint
· Milumog Destroyer Opin
● Increased droprate of items from the following World Bosses x2 (twice compared to what was previously):
· Lord of corruption Kzarka
· Nuvere
· Karanda
· Ancient Kutum
· Muraka
· Quint
● Changed following World Bosses to drop items even if they disappear before being killed:
※ Top 80% of damage-dealing participants will receive items
※ It is necessary to damage Quint/Muraka in specific place
※ In case of Opin it is necessary to damage Opin Tete
※ It doesn't apply to summoned bosses
※ In case of Boss disappearance, grade of acquirable items will be reduced
· Lord of corruption Kzarka
· Nuvere
· Karanda
· Ancient Kutum
· Muraka
· Quint
· Milumog Destroyer Opin
● All participants will be able to acquire items after killing the following World Bosses (most likely this means that it overrides previously mentioned top 80% only when Boss is completely killed)
· Lord of corruption Kzarka
· Nuvere
· Karanda
· Ancient Kutum
· Milumog Destroyer Opin
● Changed to prevent the next items from dropping if the damage dealt to the following World Bosses is less than top 90% of participants (this is clearly related to the one above):
· Lord of corruption Kzarka: Kzarka Sealed Weapon Box
· Nuvere: Nuvere Sealed Secondary Weapon Box
· Karanda: Dandelion Sealed Weapon Box
· Ancient Kutum: Kutum Sealed Secondary Weapon Box
· Milumog Destroyer Opin: Opin Tete's Light Sealed Weapon Box
● Changed Nuvere and Opin to appear simultaneously with world notice
● Adjusted the time of Milumog Destroyer Opin becoming enraged from 15 min to 10 min
● Adjusted Milumog Destroyer Opin World Boss: Milumog Destroyer Opin, Milumog Watcher Opin Tete, Opin's Root HP by 50% (probably reduced, this patch notes...), DP -20, Opin's Barrier HP -60%
● Increase mutant amplifiers of Günt's punitive reward to 7 to 20
● Quint's/Muraka's HP -40%
● Fixed the phenomenon that Nuvere's sound was played with the notification message of Karanda's disappearance

Specification change concerning new hunting monsters
● Add new hunting monsters in the norther part of Aleha Palm Forest:
→ Valencia Giant Goat, Valencia Giant Lion, Valencia Giant Lion(♀)
※ Stuffed Head items can be obtained with a low chance, while gathering from each monster using Butcher Knife, after killing them with a Hunting Matchlock.
※ Stuffed Head items buff effect can be obtained by interacting with them after the installation in the residence

Specification change concerning contents
● Corrected direction guidance to work properly around the east eastern boundary
● Fixed the phenomenon that hostile characters were hidden, while you haven't found the fort of opposing guild during siege, when hiding other characters using (Shift + F5)
● Improved the phenomenon of characters getting stuck in Node/Occupation war Fort/Command Post and Annexes.
● Fixed a phenomenon that strike damage was rarely not applied to installed Siege Defense Tower by approaching character during the Occupation war
● Fixed description of Ship Cannon result and production information being different in Epheria Port's Ship Part Workshop
● Added 63lvl achievement challenge

Changes to specifications of characters
● Fixed a phenomenon that male classes Serendia Soldier Clothes Helmet could not be dyed
● Fixed a phenomenon that underwear can not be seen in the neck part, when wearing [SR] Goat Witch costume and underwear
● Increased the resolution of the part of Warrior's/Valkyrie's Trent Camouflage Sword
● Fixed a phenomenon that appearance was abnormally exposed, when wearing parts of Ran's costume
● Decreased experience loss to 2%, when killed by a monster, while having the negative Karma
● Fixed a phenomenon that dyeing of [WZ] Inquirer's Destiny Dagger is not reflected during standby posture

Specification change for quest/knowledge
● Increased the chance of obtaining knowledge when killing the following monsters:
・Calpheon Worm
・Roaming Black Spirit
・Troll Buff Tower
・Troll Barricade
・Troll Siege Soldier
・Rooted Old Wood Treant
・Aura of Failed Kzarka
・Calpheon Shadow Guard
・Cyclops Food Drying Stand

・Keplan Saw
・Stone Hole Spider House
・High Head Stoneback Crab
・Cox Female Warrior

・Centaur Treasure Chest
・Cadry Summoning Stone

・Lapis Crab
・Rock Rhinoceros
・Kamasilvia Scrub Stoneback Crab
・Kamasilvia Tough Stoneback Crab
・Kamasilvia Small Stoneback Crab
・Kamasilvia Herb Stoneback Crab
・Soil Sand Mole
・Silk Lantern Flamingo
● Fixed directions guidance for Forbidden Prank quests
● Fixed directions guidance for [Repeat] Bold Investment quest
● Now you can acquire knowledge on Seaweed, when "Fishing" or "Gathering" Seaweed
● Fixed phenomenon that resident NPCs of Ibellab Oasis were displayed as soldiers

System specification change
● Fighting Spirit Shards are not consumed, when using skills that consume Fighting Spirit Shards, while guard is applied
● Changed swimming motion decision criteria

Specification change concerning sound
● Fixed problem that BGM was not played when raising BGM volume adjustment value, after setting it to 0 in game start windows sound setting

Specification change related to the background
● Fixed problem that characters could pass through the parts of Valencia Castle
● Fixed phenomenon that small-size characters started swimming motion in some areas of Glish Swamp

Specification change on monster
● Added Lost Magic Asura accessories to the drop list of the following monsters:
Abandoned Iron Mine: Lost Magic Asura Necklace
Helmets Post: Lost Magic Asura Ring/Earring
Elric Shrine: Lost Magic Asura Belt
Helmets Dungeon: Lost Magic Asura Ring/Earring
● Fixed a phenomenon that summoned Guild Raid Boss Muskan of Madness doesn't disappear after 2 minutes in non-combat state
● Fixed Troll Siege Soldier to not die from 1 hit

Specification change concerning UI
● Changed to display the next login reward at the game exit window
● Fixed issues that options window could not be closed with ESC key in login window
● Fixed issue of Game Tip content differ from the actual game content respectively to time
● Fixed phenomenon that bulk/individual buttons are not aligned together, when you click to arrange by Family Name, Activity Level, by setting the ratio of Guild Bonus
● Fixed phenomenon that information window for game minimization could not be closed with ESC key
● Fixed to be able to click on the Party Recruitment advertisement button
● Added license button at the bottom of Game settings window
● Changed texture size of Node texture information in World Map territory resource information
● Improved the quality of nearby NPCs to look better, when talking with NPC with the "Low" texture quality graphical setting

Specification change concerning NPC
● Removed 2 Stone Rhino placed in Stonetail Horse Ranch

Specification change on items
● Fixed phenomenon that some Special and Magic crops breading results were different
● Added information on the processing into Stone Tail Fodder to the tooltip of the following items:
・Mutant Plant
・Premature Fruit
・Seed Half Eaten by a Bird
・Plant with Rotting Roots
・Unusual Fruit

Specification change concerning text
● Modified/Applied some of the words you reported

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