BDO JP - 25.10.2018 Patch Notes

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BDO JP - 25.10.2018 Patch Notes

Postby KAMIKADzE » Thu 2018.10.25, 13:45

  • Fixed phenomenon that production start button was not displayed in worker production window (e.g.: shipyard).
  • Fixed phenomenon that clothes display looks unnatural under certain conditions when wearing Crown Eagle costumes by some classes.
  • Reduced the size of numpad window.
  • Adjusted the size of various confirmation message windows.
  • Reduced the size of processing window.
  • Changed slot positions of processing selection buttons and processing materials.
  • Increased the icon size of basic challenge reward items.
  • Reduced the height of equipment and inventory windows.
  • Fixed the operation of previous and next page buttons at Worker Exchange.
  • Corrected phenomenon where some text was not displayed properly in Node/Occupation War current status UI.
  • Decreased the size of pet window.
  • Fixed the close button in worker contract to work properly.
  • Adjusted the size of friends list.
  • Changed the position of guild withdrawal/disband button in the guild window to the right end.
  • Fixed phenomenon that the number of gifted items was not displayed in the inbox.
  • Fixed phenomenon that silver remained, when checking other mails, after receiving family fame reward from inbox.
  • Fixed phenomenon that skill lock and learn icons were displayed in skill window using previous remaster version.
  • Fixed phenomenon that the drop down menu disappears under specific conditions in the shipping acceptance window.
  • Adjusted the size of the max durability recovery window.
  • Removed the effect of use artisan's memory button in max durability recovery window.
  • Added game settings button to the bottom-right of the game screen.
  • Changed colors of worker list buttons.
  • Changed receipt button of items sales in items marketplace for the ease of understanding.
  • Renewed worker skill change window.
  • Renewed file explorer window of Beauty Shop.
  • Renewed display edit UI.
  • Renewed option selecting window, which appears after clicking on another character name in the chat window.
  • Fixed phenomenon in which characters of chat macro overlap with large font size.
  • Fixed phenomenon that item explanation window in equipment window remained even after moving mouse away from the item.
  • Fixed place where the text overlapped capability value in equipment window.
  • Fixed phenomenon of unnaturaly displayed frame when hovering mouse over the AP/DP/Awakening AP in equipment window.
  • Decreased the height of game end screen UI.
  • Fixed phenomenon that [Next......] button was rarely displayed shifted from the center of the screen, when talking with NPC.
  • Decreased the size of warehouse window.
  • Separated other towns warehouse confirmation function window.
  • Changed warehouse window to not overlap with NPC's dialogue when opening
    ※Overlapping remained for low resolutions.
  • Changed to not display Totem/Alchemy/Produce/Palette buttons when inventory opens alongside warehouse.
  • Added whole list function to Maid/Butler list.
  • Reduced the size of worker list window.
  • Added function to display the Energy numbers under the worker's portrait.

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