[JP] 10.07.2019 Patch Notes

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[JP] 10.07.2019 Patch Notes

Postby KAMIKADzE » Wed 2019.07.10, 08:21

*BANANA* News: 1 player got temporary banana on off site board (that was something new, now I wonder what was in that exclusive piece of creativity).

Monsters respawn time is doubled! Speed hunt event!

Period: 2019.07.10 Maintenance - 2019.07.17 Maintenance

Long time no see Adventurer! Introduction info and deals for the returned adventurer!

Period: 2019.07.10 00:00 - 2019.08.07 23:59

Take challenge with friends 「Fierce fight! Altar of Blood event」

Period: 2019.07.10 Maintenance - 2019.07.24 Maintenance

Skills changes



Unofficial Notes:

Family Skills - future content worthy of the mention.
Family skills effects apply to all characters under the same family name.
Gain 1,000,000 Family Skill EXP to receive 1 Family Skill Point.
Family Skill EXP can be obtained by:
  • Killing monsters
  • Some quests rewards
  • Enhancement success, obtaining Dynamic V equipment
Planned Family Skills:
  • AP Lvl 1-5 (+1 AP for each lvl)
  • Damage reduction Lvl 1-5 (+1 Damage reduction for each lvl)
  • Stamina Lvl 1-5 (+50 Stamina for each lvl)
  • Marketplace Taxes Lvl 1-5 (-0.5% Market Taxes for each lvl)

Cash shop:

Functional Costume 20% Discount coupon present!

Coupon expiration: 2019.07.17 08:30

Shai functional costumes and accessories, new donkey harness and more!

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